Monday, September 26, 2011

Embellished PJ Top

Embellished PJ Top

I started with a pale yellow knit shirt from the Salvation Army.  I really wanted hot pink to better match the bottoms.  However, I think I have made this work.  I added the side pieces from a silk blouse that I never wore because it was 'too frilly'.  Why did I buy it?  The neck edging is from a size 10 top with spaghetti straps.  I also had one in hot pink.  No more size 10 anything; no more spaghetti straps.  The straps became the dangling decoration.  The bright yellow satin with little crystals is used both on the bottom edge and as part of the epaulets.  First time I have ever made a yo-yo.  Another skilled learned.

Because I accidentally photographed at a sloping down angle, my hips just get smaller and smaller.  How could this be accomplished in real life?

Left Side Stitching Detail

Rose satin fabric with orange decorative stitching, white lace attached with pale pink thread, decorative pale pink stitching on top of a silk blouse part, pale pink ribbon overlaid with hot pink ribbon, then stitched in blue.

Right Side Stitching Detail

The base is the silk blouse, yellow decorative stitching, wide light blue ribbon with thin orange and thin yellow ribbons on top stitched down with blue decorative stitching, yellow decorative stitching.

Epaulet Detail

Base is a piece of grosgrain ribbon. The same lace that is used on the side is stitched to the back with only orange decorative stitches showing. The puff at the neckline is the same fabric as the neckline trim and 'dangling things'. Buttons finish off the raw edges of both the yo-yo and the puff.

Now I want to have a pajama party.   HMMMM. . .

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Michigoose said...

Wow...I don't think you'll be able to sleep in's so bright, you'll have to cover your eyes with a patch! Nicely done. So much better than your prelminaries.Lisa