Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Artist Elana Schacter

Since Elana had quilts she wished to share and I had a site, I offer to show her quilts.  These are so colorful and charming, I am glad to have them on my blog.

Big and Little

This picture is a tessellation I made for my granddaughter a while back. I had made a mockup to plan the color arrangement - which you have to decide before you start sewing with a tessellation pattern - and my daughter told me to stitch it up too, so my granddaughter has a quilt for her dollies too.

This one a la Klee, is a departure from my usual piecing work. Fun.

Flatauer challah cover

This is a challah cover (used to cover the bread while blessings are made over the wine on the Sabbath) I made as a trade with a friend who is a potter.

Shalvi Chanina

My daughter is named Shalvi; grandson is named Chanina.  The quilt is a quickie - I put the top together in one evening, did some simple quilting the next morning, and delivered it that afternoon. The pattern is from Anita Grossman Solomon's Rotary Cutting Revolution.
Wish I could do that in one evening. Knowing me, I would think about it for a week before I made a move. Isn't it lovely she has made all of these 'gift quilts'?

Shiloh Ne'eman Witt

This quilt is a small "nursing cover" quilt that was a collaboration with my daughter. Her concept and layout of the squares, my sewing.  Shiloh Ne'eman is my friend's son.

Sylvie Reese
Sylvie Reese is my new niece-in-law. 

The red and yellow baby quilt I just made for my daughter's sister-in-law's new baby. The mom is a lawyer, and the block is called the barrister's block. Two blocks have mistakes (or to be more politically correct, two blocks have special challenges.) Can you spot which two? I hope not.