Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Comfort Quilt for March

March 2012 Comfort Quilt
38" x 52"

I tried a new pattern that was a bit tricky, but fun.  I enlivened some of my quiet blues with the addition of the bold blue and red poppy print.  To further brighten, I added a bright red with tiny yellow flowers.  The binding is not attached because a friend is going to finish that for me.  My hands, especially my thumbs, are suffering from the effects of arthritis.  I wanted to show the effect, so the fabric is just pinned on the edges. 

One of the things I often add to quilts is corduroy.  In this one, it worked into the pattern nicely.  If you ever see someone with one of my lap quilts, they are often rubbing the corduroy.  It is just so very soft.  I also like to use shiny fabrics and trims.  However, in my opinion, this design didn't call for anything else.

PS.  On my video blog, I have posted a video showing how to make this pattern and a couple of other.  The woman demonstrating calls these, "10 minute blocks".  For me, it took a lot longer.  A link to my video blog is under "Favorite Sites",

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Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

it is such a lovely quilt some lucky person will be very happy with it