Thursday, March 22, 2012

View from Below

My Cornelian Cherry in Bloom
View is from me laying down in my swing which is underneath.

Unfortunately, I've been hit by that coughing flu.  The side effects are disgusting!  Just trust me on this.  However, today, since here in Maine it is over 70 degrees, I decided to nap on my swing.  Yesterday there were only buds; today it is in full bloom.  Although the blooms are tiny, to me it signifies the beginning of spring.  This tree blooms before my bulbs.  The blue of the sky is soo gorgeous that if painted that color, no one would believe it. 

Since last year we had snow in April, I'm appreciating this warmth with a side thought that global warming is sure changing things around.  Although last winter was excruciatingly long; this one was wonderfully quick.  Who knows what next year will bring?  ENJOY THE DAY!


Funky Diva said...

Ann, I can believe you had a most plesant nap under that beautiful tree and that blue, blue sky. What a view !!!! Hope you feel better soon. Maggie

Wen Redmond said...

I'm with you on the crazy weather. It was almost 90 here is southern NH yesterday.
Be Well! That flu is a stickler!