Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Apricot Tree in Bloom

Blooms Close Up

More Blooms Close Up

My Apricot Tree in Glorious Bloom

Upper windows are by my desk-computer-book area; lower window is to my kitchen.  As I spend a lot of time in both places, I really get to enjoy these lovely blooms close up.

It has been drizzling on and off for the past few days.  However, just now the sun came out.  Therefore, I took advantage of the opportunity to take some photos of these lovely blossoms. 

I wish you could all see them in person.  Since you can not, I hope you enjoy these photos.


Funky Diva said...

Hey, Ann your apricot blooms are beautiful. Our peach tree bloomed about a month ago and we too had a fabulous show of pink/white color. Our peach tree if full of little peaches which will be ready the end of May, if the last two years hold true. They have been so sweet and delicious. When are will your apricots be ready? Maggie

Anonymous said...

The close up against the blue of your house is breath-taking. It's an art quilt just waiting for you to sew it!

Laura Krasinski said...