Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tiny Tiny Apricots

See the apricot tree branch loaded with fruit.

See the apricot tree branch which the squirrel nibbled.

Two years ago I thought I saw a few little apricots starting to form.  Then they seemed to disappear.  When I looked out my kitchen window the other day, I saw the squirrel pull the little branch up and devour every single apricot start.  She has been in hiding ever since.  She knows she is in BIG trouble.  I know she will turn up soon because I have scattered chips under the tree.

Should I just try to wrap some of the branches with netting?  Apricots are my favorite fruit.  After 6 years of waiting, I do deserve some nice fruit.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how very sad. My grape vines suffer the same fate. This year it is loaded with clusters but I will probably only get a single taste. I may try hanging a bag on some clusters and see if I can outsmart the birds and the squirrels.
Good luck with yours.

Holly said...

So sorry! We lost about 10 beautiful peaches last year to a mysterious critter. Had to be a squirrel, because something larger like a raccoon would have snapped the branches. We were close to being able to eat them ourselves when one day I looked out and every single one was gone. Just some pits left for us on the ground! :-(

Nancy Schlegel said...

Squirrels will take all your produce if you let them. My husband traps them and releases them in a wooded area.Not legal to transport them but its better than killing them in our minds. I think he baits the traps with peanut butter on apple slices. Good luck but don't count on your apricots too easily.

Nancy Schlegel