Sunday, October 7, 2012

BOM as a Pillow

BOM = Basket as a 16" Pillow
Quiltart has just been asking if quilt artists also make traditional quilts.  It prompted me to finally finish a BOM from last year. I started as a quilt artist.  However, I love all quilts.  When my guild asked who wanted to do Block of the Month [BOM], I quickly raised my hand.  This project allowed me to learn 12 new blocks.  It was a challenge.  Many ended up in the 'reuse' bag before I got a good one. Many needed fixing OR didn't fit in the final lap quilt. 
This basket was too big to fit the quilt.  I finally added some borders to make a 16" square pillow.
I also feel that traditional blocks can still have the 'hand of the maker'.  My finished lap quilt is not the usual setting.


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Very lovely pillow.


Hi Ann...

This is a truly beautiful pillow and a wonderful use of your art skills. The pillow has become a valued addition to your home and no longer langusihing in the pile waiting....just awesome.

Marti said...

Nice job, Ann!

norma said...

I loved the quilt and now you have this beautiful pillow to accompany it. What a great idea.