Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Comfort Quilt

Comfort Quilt 33" x 52"
Pastel Strip Squares with Worn Jean Sashing

One Square close up
At one of my spring guild meetings, someone brought in a HUGE pile of worn or outgrown jeans.  A few of us took a bunch.  As you can see from the various shades of blue, there are different types of jean fabric and different wear patterns.  Knowing many people like jeans, especially teens, I dug out all of my pastel strips to make squares.  I cut sashing strips from the legs, some short because of a worn out knee; some long ones on the back of the legs. 
I always ironed the jeans to the fabric side.   However, where the sashing meets, it is quite thick.  Prior to quilting, I tacked down all of the inside corners.  My machine was not always happy with this thickness, but it did do the job.  I only quilted the fabric squares and end extensions because I like the look of the plain jeans.  I also think it is more interesting.
I'm happy with the way it has turned out.  So happy, that I am confident it will be picked very quickly.  Unfortunately, between Thanksgiving and New Years, there are a lot of accidents of all kinds, so the need of a Comfort Quilt is really high.
This is the last of my self commitment for the year. Last October I made myself a promise to make one charity quilt a month. My blog year starts in October, so that was my starting month. I was able to give a quilt every month until June, when somehow, I got behind. In September I gave 2 quilts, June and July. This next meeting on Thursday, I have two more donations, August and September. 
It has been a struggle. It was really too much pressure I put on myself. This blog year, I want to give away six charity quilts + + + quilt 6 more for folks in my guild who piece the top and need someone to quilt it. I'm still a beginning quilter, however, IF I am trusted to quilt these charity quilts, I'll gain more experience. Seems like a win-win situation to me.


Katherine said...

Ann, this is a huge accomplishment!
You rock!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Good for you Ann, I usually try and do six a year...this year is nearly gone and I've got two completed and one that needs quilting :( Hopefully next year will be better for me!

Cheryl said...

I applaud your effort. You should be very proud of yourself.