Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Daisy Quilted Comfort Quilt

Daisy Quilted Comfort Quilt
39" x 56"
These are the last of my 'seed package' blocks.  I really enjoy making them into crazy patches.  I used used jean fabric from a skirt I out grew.  OR did it really shrink a lot?

Block detail

Quilted Daisy
This quilting was really FUN!  Rather wild flowers, loops around the 'seed packets', then I quilted around the main object in the block.


norma said...

This is so cute. Love those seed packets and your daisy quilting is just right.

Sally said...

Ann--It looks wonderfully comfortable--pretty also. Sally

Diana said...

LOL skirts and shirts all shrink in the closet - as do coats and trousers and jeans. Scarfs and hats are the only trustworthy bits of clothing. :)

I love your quilt
The seed packets are wonderful and
the quilting flowers are a great way to follow up on the seeds idea.

Peggi Yac said...

Nice Ann! I like the light quilting on the dark denim.

Marilyn Wall said...

It looks like fun. Love the quilted flower.

Marilyn Wall said...

It looks like you had fun. I love the quilted flower.

Katherine said...

love the daisy quilting!
Merry Christmas, ANN!