Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flannel Pillow Cases for Sandy Hook School Children

Flannel Pillow Cases for Sandy Hook School Children
I used fabrics that I had on hand.  I thought flannel would be something a child might enjoy snuggling with.  I used quilters cotton for the trim pieces.  When I used flannel for both the body and the cuff, it was too thick.  If you are going to make pillow cases with flannel, I recommend using a quilters cotton for both the cuff and trim. 
I turned the 'cat case' inside out so you could see how I finish the seams.  First I sew a 1/4" seem with the right sides out.  Then I turn that inside out and sew a larger seam.  I also sew a few stitches across the top of the seam so that there are NO raw edges anywhere.
Pillow Cases are still needed.
I just spoke with Becky at Quliter's Corner quilt shop in New Milford, CT.  They are still collecting pillowcases for the children at Sandy Hook School. She is trying to collect around 750. 
Pillowcases can be mailed to her at Quilters Corner, 312 Danbury Rd, New Milford, CT. 06776.

Please read this blog for more information [This is where I got my information, thanks Cathy, and learned about this project].

Directions for making 'tube' pillowcases

The directions are crystal clear, and, and as Barbara suggested, unexpected - there's a counter-intuitive roll-into-a-tube-and-stitch inside-out-maneuver that magically hides all the cuff seams. (The pillowcase doesn't come out like a tube - it's the rolling action that's tubular).

The video project requires three fabrics:

  • Main fabric - 27" (= 3/4 yard) x fabric width, selvage to selvage (around 44")
  • Cuff fabric - 9" x fabric width (= 1/4 yard - NOT a fat quarter)
  • Trim - 2" x fabric width.
The video was made long before the Newtown tragedy, but the instructor points out, "When you have people who are suffering, to have something that somebody made for you, it's really a sweet gesture."

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