Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Pillow Cases

These are even brighter in person.

This makes 16
Now what is the best use for them.  Sandy Hook children already have almost 6,000 at the quilt shop.  I know they might be used later on locally.  However, we generally give comfort quilts.
I'm still sewing quilts for the Hurrican victims.  Has anyone already sent bed size quilts to them? 


Lisa Quintana said...

Ann, I would bet that some would find a home amongst the Hurricane ridden people hit by Storm Sandy. Another thought is that quite often children's homes (yes, they still have them) and women's shelters can use them. Often, they leave with garbage sacks of belongings...and perhaps a pillowcase would be appreciated.

Sherrie Spangler said...

These surely would brighten anyone's day. My quilt guild gives them to the local children's hospital and each child gets to pick one to use during their hospital stay and then takes it home. If you contacted your local police, churches, etc., I'm sure you could find many children right in your own back yard who would be so grateful to receive one.