Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beach Bags

Beach Bags
I was trying to think what I had that I could use to hold my shoes and bill fold when walking on the beach.  Everything I had was either too big or too small.  Therefore, I made these small bags out of heavy cotton upholstery fabric.  They are large enough to hold a pair of shoes + a snapping pocket on the inside large enough to hold a bill fold and a pair of glasses securely.  One is for me; another for my Florida hostess.  I think she will really like one, especially because of the shell fabric.
I made the straps to tie so that they could be adjusted to the users preference.

Pocket detail
I cut the fabric in a wedge shape so that it would hold more without distorting the outside.  As you can see, I also gathered both the top and bottom to enhance this idea.  All seams are either sewn down as the pocket is OR are French seams.  It should wear very well.
Inside View
In the past I have used Velcro for the closure because there is always a sound when opened.  I know I will be alerted when the Velcro is opened by the sound.  Because it might get sand in it when picking up things on the beach, I think the snaps will work better.  They will also admit a sound when opened.  Just a bit of an alert for a pick pocket.  Yes I have had pick pockets try to open a pocket in my purse.

This is 'seventy, number 5'. For more information please see http://designerann.blogspot.com/2013/01/one-black-square.html


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Sooo cool! I love it!

Judy Warner said...

Hi Ann,
I am listing you for a tag list on my blog. Hope you will get some visits as a result. You are welcome to pass on the tag if it works for you.


ann said...

Thanks Judy,
I have NO idea about how to pass on a tag. I do not even know what a 'tag list' is. Please email me at designerann@yahoo.com and fill me in.