Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Necessary Sewing

One Finished Glove
Because I have severe arthritis in my thumb joints, I wear support gloves to keep my thumb held in the correct position.  This eases the pain.  It also does not allow me to do something I shouldn't like hand sewing.

Contact Dermatitis
Unfortunately the edging on the purchased gloves irritated my wrist.  I am now treating my wrist with a steroid to heal it.  However, in order to avoid future problems, I have covered the edges with scraps of fleece.  I am hoping this will not irritate my skin.
Pair of Gloves
I had to sew around one thumb because the stay had poked a hole in the fabric on one glove.  I first did this in brown.  Now, I matched my cuff.
This is seventy, number 4.

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Marti said...

Ann! You are such a delicate flower! Hope that goes away soon.