Saturday, January 26, 2013

Twin Size Boy Quilt features musical

This shows the quilting around the instruments.  It is very loose.  It is not around every instrument.  However, I do think the quilting helps define the fabric.

Back Detail
This shows a bit more of the quilting.
Twin Bed Quilt for a Boy
I think the busy busy look defines this quilt.  Close up I think it will appeal to a boy.  It is musical instrument fabric with corduroy squares.  I made strips of many fabrics to put between the corduroy.  I think it would have been better to just use a plain fabric and save these for something dull.  However, done is done.  Now it just needs a good home.
This is 'seventy, number 2'.  For more information please see


LoLo said...

I think the print between the corduroy plays like Jazz.... good choice....

Marti said...

math is not my best subject, but that is quilt about every FIVE days?? You are remarkable!!

Andrine said...

Very handsome and cool for some young man.