Saturday, February 9, 2013


The Snow is Still Blowing
Yesterday, after the north end of the house seemed chilly, I discovered the hot water base board pipes were frozen.  Luckily, I had people working on my studio.  They discovered that someone had left off the closure to the crawl space where the wind was blowing hard.  After they stuffed the access full of insulation, they got heat tape.  They wrapped it around the pipe running in front of the offending opening. 
This is the family where the boys shovel my drive, steps, etc.  I told them 'no rush' since it is still blowing.  When they do come over, they will check on the pipes.  It is now 40 degrees.  I am still in my flannel pj's and heavy fleece robe that hangs to my ankles.  I may stay this way all day.
Just thinking how folks at Cape Canaveral were complaining about it only being 70 degrees.  Oh what a difference today.  Makes me more appreciative of my time in Florida.  Of course, I think this might have been the better time to travel south.  Except, of course no buses or planes are leaving anywhere in Maine at the moment.

View of My Covered Porch
I took the photos threw the windows.  I'm not even contemplating opening any door.  This window is covered with a thin layer of blown crystal snow.


norma said...

We're very snowy here in CT, too. My part of the state "only" got about 13-14 inches, but some parts of the state got three feet! It is still very cold here with wind chill is in the single numbers. I'm not going out either. Good day to stay home and sew.

Gisela Towner said...

I was thinking about you this morning when I saw the snow levels in Maine. Glad you're snug and warm!

Marti said...

Stay bundled up Ann!