Thursday, February 7, 2013

Florida's Largest Quilt Store

This is the ad my friend saw in the paper.  She went out of her way to take me there.  I could have spent much $$$$$$ + many hours.  Living in Maine, I had never seen anything like it.  Of course I imagine California and some other populous places may have quilt shops this size.  However, for me, this was incredible.  I think I was glazed over upon entry.  Even my friend, who is not a quilter or a person who sews, admired the gorgeous fabrics.

IF you are in Florida, I think you should schedule a trip to this shop.  Just make sure you can either bring a lot of cash or have a good amount of credit on your charge card.  Also, allow yourself plenty of time.  This is truly quilters eye candy. 

I was totally dazed when I left with my little bag of fabric.  I was not prepared.  IF I had known, I would have saved up for this shop.



Deano said...

Guess what. You missed out. Florida's largest quilt shop is really over here on the Gulf Coast. They have OVER 20,000 bolts of fabrics and more than 200 books, plus lots and lots of notions for quilters. Check 'em out:

Antonija said...

Ann--you'll have to come to the Midwest sometime. Here in Wisconsin we have several huge shops, but the biggest ones I've seen is nearby in NE Iowa. A large shop in Cedar Rapds, and one in Amana which is the size of a BARN with two floors!
But it's fun seeing new shops, no matter what size they are.
--Toni in Milwaukee

ann said...

Hi Toni,
You have given me a GREAT idea. Why not have a chartered bus that would go across the country to the best quilt shows, galleries and fabric stores? That would be an ideal vacation for me.