Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Upcycled Clothing by Nancy Judd

I was lucky enough to view this exhibit while on my quick trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida.  IF you live or vacation anywhere near this exhibit at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, I urge you to see this and take your children.  It is illuminating to see what she does with things we generally discard.  Beside the clothing is a small glass box showing the 'trash' she used to create the dress.  She is a talented designer on a mission to show how much 'stuff' we discard and how it affects the environment.


I thought the exhibit FABULOUS.  The gardens are palms in a lovely setting.  However, you can see them all on your way to and from the parking lot.  I nice spot for a picnic lunch.  In my opinion, the 'gardens' do not match the hype.

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Marti said...

She is remarkable, isn't she?! Thanks for sharing, Ann. You know I love recycling!