Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Two Chemo Quilts

This project started because I was looking for another charity project.  I have a good friend, Marti Lew, whose husband is a Pediatric Oncologist.  I asked if he would like some chemo quilts.  YES he would.  I tried to get fabric a child might enjoy.  For the flannel I wanted both bright colors and a soft hand.  Some of the flannel had so much printing, it was not soft enough for me.  I volunteered to make a dozen.  The next quilts are going to be a mix of strips and squares so that I can use more variety PLUS make them a bit more interesting.
Chemo Quilt - Tinkerbell
40" x 56"
Detail Tinkerbell
Everything was done on my machine.  This is the first binding I have attempted in a few years because of arthritis in my thumb joints.  I ironed and glued it in place then machine stitched it down.  I thought the decorative stitches might add a bit more interest for the receiver. 
This is my first attempt at a chemo quilt. The goal size is 40" x 60" and as light as possible.  No tiny piecing.   A chemo quilt has only 2 layers and is only fasten together enough to keep it together.  In this case I used a decorative stitch to fasten all of the seams to the flannel.
I designed my simple square design so that the fabric would be the quilt.  I used 8 1/2" squares in a 5 x 7 pattern.  It would also fit nicely on 42" flannel that I used for the back.  Wasn't I surprised that the flannel shrink up to 38 1/2".  Because of that, I invented a unique binding that would cover the missing flannel space.  Because I didn't have enough on any one fabric for the binding, I mixed up the colors used in the quilt.  I like the look so much, I used it on my second quilt. below.
Chemo Quilt - Bakery Treats
40" x 56"
Detail Bakery Treats
My second quilt went smoother.  The flannel didn't shrink as much, so I could use a normal size binding.  In this one, I stitched all of the inside seams down before I put it on the flannel.  This makes it a bit softer.  I then stitched all of the seams in the outer squares to the flannel.
Both are light weight, colorful, and hopefully comforting during a chemo treatment.

This is seventy number 15 and number 16
For more information on "seventy", please see the post below.


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Both are adorable, and very sweet!

Marti said...

They are so cute!! Ann, so happy I met you and count you as a friend!