Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Necessary Sewing

Roller Cart Lining

What a bland start to creating after Festival.  However, it is necessary. Starting to come down after the high of Festival, I went grocery shopping with my new cart.  The only thing that didn't fall threw the large holes was my pack of beer.  Although I really enjoy beer, food is very important to me.  I am one of those who really enjoys eating with gusto.  Thus, I decided I needed to make a lining for my cart so that the avocados, rice cakes, peanut butter, apples, tomatoes and other items smaller than the cart holes could be easily rolled home.

Haven't a clue where or how or why I got this fabric. Did a burn test.  It is not cotton.  Love the blue-purple color.  Find the whole fabric rather strange-a printed plaid.  This seems like a good use for it. Would not want to use this in any type of quilt.  Tomorrow I hope to clear up some other necessary sewing items from my work table.  Then, hopefully soon, I will be back working on my 'word' wall hangings.

PS. I was on a continuous sensory overload during Festival. I took LOTS of photos. I have started editing them, but it is going to be a long slow slug because I have an overload of day work to do before the big snow hits.

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