Sunday, November 24, 2013

SURPRISE = First snow of the season

Dark and Blurry, but SNOW

View from my kitchen window.  It gets dark here around 4PM or slightly before, so I like to spend my afternoons enjoying the sunshine IF it is available.

When I saw this coming, I went back to check the weather reports.  NO snow in the forecast.  I put off errands today because according to the forecast, Monday is suppose to be sunny and not as windy as today and tomorrow.  Snow was NEVER mentioned.


Lynn K. said...

Ann, your photo calls out to be an art quilt! The muted colors, the patches of soft light, and the great lines and angles would be beautiful in fabric. Just something to think about.
Lynn Kunz

Madeline said...

What a charming photo.

Madeline said...

What a charming photo--it would make an appealing book cover.

ann said...

Thanks. I will have to give this photo a really good look. Because it is soo blurry, I'm not sure how I could quilt it.