Sunday, July 27, 2014

Redesign = Robe and nightgown

While visiting my dear cousin Carla after the wedding of their youngest son in April 2011, she loaned me this robe.  I loved the fabric outside with terry cloth inside.  Last February, I looked all over the web for something similar with no results.  I also looked for terry cloth with the idea that I would make one.  The quality of the terry cloth was abominable!  Nothing I would ever want.  

Frustrated, I called to find out where she purchased this. She told me she got it several years ago.  Even though she later purchased another one she liked better, they were no longer stocking this type of item.  I decided I would try to find a better quality terry.  I looked at towels, but buying them would entail a lot of $$ for nice ones + designing a robe to fit them.

Before I could decide what I was going to do, a package containing this robe with a matching nightgown arrived at my door.  Totally thrilled and surprised, I thought I would shorten the night gown and make a pair of shorts to go with it.  Then, after wearing the robe for a while, I wanted to make a sturdy belt to replace the cotton one that came with the robe.  I decided to pick up the yellow in the print.  I made a layer of yellow print+ cotton batting in the center + white fabric the width of the batting.  After quilting this center, I folded the edges in, then covered the joint with a strip of blue gingham similar to the trim on the edge of the robe and the gingham ribbon decorating the nightgown.  I also cut and finished a slit in each side of the robe so that the belt was inside of the robe in the back.  Much more flattering because it left the robe loose over my backside.   I real like this little change.

After cutting the nightgown really short, I had plenty of fabric for shorts + something else.  Not finding any gingham near the color I wanted, I was frustrated. A friend drove us to a lot of shops on our Quilt Shop Hop.  All I found were pastels.  She went through her stash and gave me some left over pieces she had from a past project.  Color was perfect!   This turned out to be a LOT.  I made the shorts by using a pajama pattern I had previously purchased, yet never used.  I LOVE the idea of sewing basic clothes; do not like the work involved.   Spent too much time doing trim work.  I was now bored with the project.

However, I wanted to trim the shorty gown.  Although I am not usually a ruffle person, this seemed to cry out for more ruffles.  Now I thought I was done.  However, I still had more fabric.

I had enough gingham to make some 3/4 pants. I cut down a pattern from making flannel pajama bottoms. After adding a pocket to bring it all together, I was done. I had also purchased a knit top at a thrift shop with the idea of using it for a summer PJ top. Hated the collar. Cut that off, gathered the bottom edge of the original nightgown, sealed it all with the yellow to make a very comfortable top. Still it was too long. This was the hard part for me. I shortened it. I guess it would have been easy with a serger, which I do not have and do not want. However, I used a zigzag stitch on my Juki which is adequate for night wear that no one will see except you few folks who read this blog

Occasionally in August we have some really HOT days.  I tried to make a skimpy top for this weather.  I had a pattern which I used for the jacket, but now I tried to adapt the tiny tie top for a PJ top.  After making mock ups using fabric I knew this would NOT work.  Flash of inspiration and realization that I was wearing a very comfortable bra, caused me to trace the cup patterns.  Even though it was curved piecing, they fit perfectly.  I put them together with some fabric covered elastic and tie front plus tie straps.  This allows me to adjust as needed.  Although not as supportive as my bra, it is very comfortable.  Not sure when it will be hot enough to need this garment.  Still I am very happy and proud that I could make it.

Very very happy this project is done.  Can't believe it started in March.  I had to force myself to work on it.  LOVE the idea; hate the process.  Glad this monkey is off my back.

At this time the temperature is dropping.  I have all my windows closed.  I dug out my light weight fleece because it may go below 50 tonight.  Wild weather changes due to the atmospheric changes.  

I have a quilt in my head which is wanting to be created.  That starts tomorrow.  I will be happy happy happy to start creating an art quilt again!


Funky Diva said...

Anne, this would be a big project for anyone. I know there are projects that I work on both clothing and crafts and I can't wait for them to be done so I can move on to something new. But now you will be able to enjoy your new nightwear. Maggie Winfield

KAM said...

what a resourceful and successful use of fabric from a garment...truly enjoyed reading this