Saturday, November 22, 2014

After Festival = Necessary Sewing

Like many of you who attend Festival from 'AWAY', I am often challenged by the food options.  As a vegetarian on a low sodium diet, my options are limited.  Also, like many of you, I found the Phoenicia Deli and Bar.  Never made it to the bar.  You can buy beer and wine in the deli section which I take to my hotel room.  The Deli is FABULOUS!  My biggest problem was getting the hot food back to my hotel while it was still warm.  Thus, my first project on returning was making a 'heat pack' for my take out.

Correct Layers for Insulation

Layers:  reflective fabric [ironing board cover fabric] + reflective insulation [found in the insulated window coverings area at Joann] + cotton batting + my designed top.  

Outside View

Just because it is practical does not mean I do not want a GREAT design.  Not sure if this is great.  However it works for many dimensions/quantities of warm wrapping.  I just wanted to experiment with off-set squares.  Lots more sewing = lots more FUN.

Back Side

The reason one tie is a lot shorter is because it somehow got flipped into my stitching area while I was quilting.  The velcro closures have flexibility according to the contents.  The ties still allow for a lot of contraction and expansion while keeping the contents warm.  Unfortunately, unlike many in Quiltart, I have NO family background of doing hand work or sewing.  This is the result?  I could have 'fixed it', but saw no reason to do so.  It just reminds me that I am a late starter who is learning most things the hard way.  That is, I learn by my mistakes. 

A Very Warm Wrap

Pin Problems Solved

In 2013 I lost some of my favorite pins.  As crazy crowded as Festival is, it was not surprising.  However, I was dismayed.  Especially since I could not replaced some pins.  Found this vendor who sells attachment backs that do not come off.  Bought some.  Used them.  2015 will be the test.

Security Pocket Problem

I made these pockets before my first trip to Europe in 1985.  They worked very well except that the tie/strap I used was a purchased cord made of some slippery synthetics.  FINALLY, after years of struggling and almost loosing my 'pockets', I made a cotton fabric tie.  I know this will work a LOT better than the purchased cording.

NOW, I have my reservation + gear all ready for 2015.  Will I see you there?

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