Friday, November 21, 2014


Continuing the conversation.  Just because the intent was to make a piece of art, that does not make it art.


I like the individual ingredients.  Some are both burned and frayed.  However, the whole is awful.  I make a lot of false starts.  Hopefully, I am learning from those mistakes.

Opal Inspiration

Pieces using burned and/or fringe that I do consider art


janice pd said...

Hmm , I'm not sure your assessment is correct. I Actually love this and would like to see you continue with the piece. Step away for a while and then come back with fresh eyes.

ann said...

Janice, your comment is sure a total surprise. It has been put away. Wonder what I will think next fall?

PS> I was NOT fishing for compliments. I really HATE this piece!

Martha Ginn said...

I'm with Janice--I like it! The glowing blues surrounded by the brown/muddy/gold are intriguing. I hope you won't wait a whole year to reassess it. But of course, what anyone else thinks is not as important as your reaction to it, so listen to your own heart.