Monday, December 28, 2015

Necessary = 2 new pair of PJ Bottoms

Not much to say.  Still fighting some medical challenges.  Busy cooking healthy food which I seem to be enjoying to excess.  Finished my PJ bottoms just in time for the snow-sleet storm due to start tonight.  I do not sew these because I enjoy making PJ  bottoms.  I can not find any comfortable ones to buy.  I have tried for years.  NO luck for my long legs.

I LOVE the fit and comfort of these.  PLUS I enjoy the large pockets and color combinations I have never found in any store.  The small cuffs at the bottom keep them from riding up at night.  I mate these with 100% cotton knit tops.  Great for winter wear in Maine

Now I need to decide IF I should make 2 more pair now that I have the pattern fit exactly the way I like it  or IF I should make a warm indoor jacket because I am sick of fleece?    Of course everything will have to wait until Morgandy and I have time to do some holiday cookie baking.  What FUN that will be.  Looking forward to her return from Christmas visits tomorrow.  

My simple altered pattern that fits me.  I see no need for side seams on PJ bottoms.  The less seams = the more comfort.  PLUS, I added something I have not seen anywhere, Ann's Comfort Crotch.  I thought of calling it something more gentile like, Ann's Comfort Gusset.  However, that does not really explain it.  Notice the lack of curves at the front and back?  That is where the piece in the center goes.

Photo was taken on my dining room table set up for painting-dying.  Heavy plastic table cloth was suppose to protect the top.  However, with pin holes and small slits, it did not work very well.  It is really not a problem because I use it more as a cutting table, paint table, dye area than I ever did for a large dinner group.  I have a table that seats 6 in what has become 'Ann's Tea Room.  I only heat that room/large hall way when I am expecting company.


Andrine said...

They are so cute!! They do look comfy. Love the colors and you are right nothing like that in the stores.

Tee said...

they look so comfy cozy!

Jean Campbell said...

I never thought of adding cuffs to stop pajama legs from riding up. I hate cold lower legs.

Anne Copeland said...

Hi Ann, These are really cool and look so comfy. I think it would be a great product for physically challenged women who might be in wheelchairs since all the design features would definitely help to keep them warm. There are some clothing companies that do specialize in clothing for people in wheelchairs, but I have not seen anything like what you create. Great job. Very practical and at the same time, very attractive. Peace and many blessings, Anne Copeland

Fran Wessel said...

I'd like to see how the crotch insert is sewn. I use a pattern like yours-no side seams. Plus I use a cotton tee as a top. The difference is that I adore flannel backed satin. Easy to turn over in bed, no sticky satin against your skin, just lovely flannel. Yummy! Try it you will love them too. Like the cuff idea. That will be on my next pair.
Thanks for sharing,
Fran in South Texas

ann said...

LOVE the flannel backed satin idea. Because I do not drive, I mostly shop on-line. Is there a good place to order this satin. I would like a 'house jacket' made from that.

The "crotch" doesn't show much in a photo. Just take your pattern, fold back the front and back seams as I did. Now you have new cutting lines. Then take a see through paper with crossing lines at 90 degrees. Lay this paper over the 'new crotch lines, making sure to label legs, front and back. Trace the 'folded lines on your existing pattern + add a seam allowance to this. I marked the front piece with one line where it meets the top and another mark when it meets the legs. Repeat for back. If you have not understood, please send your phone number to my email. I'll call. Please let me know how it turns out. IF your satin is plain, the crotch will show. Because my fabric is printed, it really is hard to see.