Friday, December 10, 2021

A Brief History of How I Developed My LOVE of Pajamas.

Until I received a pair of flannel pajamas as a Christmas present, I had generally worn nightgowns except for the occasional pair of 'shorties' for summer.  The gifted PJ's were warm and fun because of the comical penguin flannel fabric.  Even though the arms and legs were a bit short, I loved the warmth.  They got washed and dried quickly so that I could wear them all through the cold winter months here in Maine.  I bought some 'bottoms' and another pair, but they did not fit very well either.  Therefore, I decided to make my own. 

After buying a basic PJ pattern, I adjusted the pattern [longer legs + more butt room], I made my first pair.  My idea was to make just the bottoms because the tops were too complicated.  Plus, I like wearing cotton knits that will stretch with movement.   These bottoms were made just like the pattern:  set in side pockets, fold-over top for the elastic, straight legs with nothing extra.  No embellishment at all.  They fit well except that the legs would ride up during the night, leaving my legs without a warm covering.  I was determined to fix that.  This pair is long gone; totally worn out. 

For my next pair, I lengthened the legs even more, yet kept them off the floor by adding cuffs that were just big enough to slide over my foot, but too small to fall past my ankle when standing.  I also decided to try and make some round pockets.  Why?  Just to see if I could make them.  I had seen some in a photo, so I had to try.  They were hard, but I did get them done.  However, they are not very practical because they do not hold much at all.  Not really worth the time involved.  I still wear these, but not for a pajama day because the pockets are too small.    More info here

It was another year before I made more PJ bottoms.  This time, I decided to tackle the problem of excess layers of flannel in the crotch.  Not very comfortable when sitting.

I am not sure where I got the idea for a 'crotch gusset', but it could have been from this pair of silk underwear.  As you see, the seams are all around the crotch instead of under it.  When I made the gusset for my PJ's, I also added another layer of flannel facing on the inside; nice and comfy.   To see the original post showing the gusset, go to the link below.

On the left is the first pair with the now requisite 'crotch gusset'.  As soon as these were finished, I made another pair.  These bottoms represent the first time where I decided everything did not have to be flannel.  I am now on a roll to get more pajamas so that I am able to have more pajama days, then have another clean pair for bed.  I finished the next 2 pair, then retired until December 2019.  Original post here

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