Sunday, August 30, 2009

Airline Qualifying Crazy Quilt Purse

I'm off to visit my Mom in Michigan on Tuesday. This is my first trip alone since I gained so many physical and medical problems. It is a bit scary. It is just time to take the plunge since Mom is not doing very well.

One thing I discovered when I was checking all the new requirements, is that there is now a maximum purse size = 15" x 11" x 6". My big sloppy bag would not even qualify IF it were stuffed together with nothing in it. I was really wondering how could I carry all that I needed to take with me. Solution: make a bag slightly less than the requirements.

Of course I could just take fabric and sew it together. NOT my style. I cut the pieces I needed + the added seam allowances and proceeded to crazy quilt in black and white. I'm really happy with the results. I call it my 'Betty Boop purse'. About 1 1\2 years ago [when I only able to get out of bed for a short while, although folks on Quilt Art did not know this}, I put out a request for black and white fabric as I had an idea. 20 very generous folks sent me wonderful fabric. Many pieces influenced my design at the time. However, I had these 'Betty Boop' scraps that I really liked, yet didn't fit the quilt I was making at the time. I have used one piece in a baby quilt [still awaiting binding], yet when I thought about this purse, I wanted to use all the leftover bits for this purse. It has worked out really well. My friends who have seen my work in progress, always notice Betty.

The finished purse fits within the size requirements. I incorporated a large pocket in the front closed with Velcro and a small pocket on the back. Before sewing the pieces together I lined the 'flap' and the front. When I sewed in the lining [only on the back], I sewed up the each side of the side of the bag. This left pockets for the stiffener. It is made stiff with inserts using the plastic stitching medium which can be found at Walmart, Joann's and other places. I hope this gives you an idea for your own 'traveling purse'.

Oh Yes, it still needs one BIG button. I need to travel, but this will be something I'll look for as I shop around.
Work table area at beginning of project when I was picking out fabric. I didn't use any of it.

Front of bag from left side.

Front of bag from right side.

Top view of bag.

Inside of bag showing lining of front [colorful fabric], Velcro closure between front and lining + back pocket + sides hand sewn after inserting stiffener.

Back of bag.

3" straps cris-cross as they move from one side to the other.
This makes a 3" strap in the middle yet totally supports the 6" side.
Work table at the end of project. These are the left over bits of the fabric a did use.