Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shibori Dyed Cape

Cape Front

Finally finished just in time for attending a wedding.  For those of you who haven't been following all of the dying steps, this is a recycled white polyester satin skirt from a wedding dress.    I made up the pattern to fit the pieces of fabric.    Because of the sheen to the fabric, the look of the color changes with the light.    

Cape Back

I think this is the closest to the real color of the cape.

Cape Side View

Front Detail

I made small piping to go around these buttons.   As you can see, this cape is heavily quilted with a pattern that flows vertically.     I thought that would help with the drape.

I finished the neck by making darts to take in the neck and add more girth to the cape at the shoulders.     I then folded some of that quilted fabric over, put in some temporary stay stitches, then quilted from the front to hold things in place.   I did not want a 'ring around the neck', but rather a flow.   This formed a slight ruffle around the neck.  I'm very happy with the results.     Not sure I ever want to make something this complicated to finish again.    I faced the edges, then added a lining.   LOTS of hand work.   I do love the dye process.     Tedious, but fun results.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cape is quilted

Cape Quilted
I wasn't thinking when I put the darts in before blocking.  However, it is going to work.

Hanging for Final Fitting

Facing in second dye stage
I couldn't make the facing until I discovered how the cape was going to be after quilting and fitting.    I'm using a commercial purple for the lining. Of course that has to wait until it is faced.  I'm thinking about rounding the bottom front corners.   Just want to be sure it still covers my belly. 

This is taking way way too long. I am making progress. Looks like it will be a push to get it finished in time.

I want to get back to my Comfort Quilts for Japan that I am working on between cape work.