Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Window Study 1

Window Study 1
10" x 10"

The Fast Friday Fabric Challenge was to use a photo of our choosing to sketch the lines to become inspiration for a quilt.  The colors were to come from another photo we used for photo inspiration.  To quote Cynthia Morgan, the "Challenge: Use the element of Line and the 3 elements of Color (Hue,Value, Intensity) in a design study piece. You will need 2 inspiration sources:  one for line, another for color."

Photo Inspiration and Sketch-Tracing

Color Inspiration
These colors came from a Rights Managed photo, so I am not posting that.  It is a photo of a spectacular fire works display over a body of water.  Besides lighting up the sky, the colors are reflected in the water.  I had to deviate from these somewhat because I do not have many bright colors in my stash.  What a dull stash I have.  I am working on getting bright colors.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

BOM = Twisted Log Cabin

Twisted Log Cabin
8" x 8"

I wanted this to go from the dark center to light outside.  Looks like I got one piece in my row of fabric mixed up.  Once sewn, it is done.  I did throw away one start.  These tiny stitches cause too much havoc when I try to rip them out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BOM = Patriotic Block

Patriotic Block
8" x 8"

This pattern was handed out at a guild meeting as a suggestion for something we might do for our 'Quilts of Valor' lap quilts.  In case you do not know, these are quilts given to veterans in hospitals.  Other quilts may also be given to members of the family.  However, I thought it too hard for that quilt.  Therefore,  I made a small one, in my colors for my lap quilt.

Monday, February 20, 2012

BOM = Five Pointed Star

Five Pointed Star
4" x 4"

This is my favorite type of pieced block.  Notice how nothing has to be exact = lots of room for slippage.  Eventually all of my BOM's are going to be made into a lap quilt for me.  Since they are all different sizes, the planning will come after I make a few more.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

BOM = Window to the Sky

Window to the Sky

I am way way behind on my BOM's for my quilt guild.  This seems like a good time to stay inside and catch up.  I originally used a dark blue fabric with darker stars.  It look GREAT until I pulled a stitch and it left a telltale line behind.  I am not that crazy about the blue I finally choose.  However, it has purple in it so with a purple border, I'm hoping it will calm down a bit.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fat Cat and Mousey

Fat Cat and Mousey
32.75" x 39.5"

As you may have already guessed, this was a FUN project!  It is my response to a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge.  It is also my February charity quilt.

This started out as a comfort quilt for my guild's stash.  Unfortunately I had serious stitch tension problems which required me to apply glue on the back of ALL the stitching so that I didn't have to worry about it coming apart.  The glue made the back a bit stiff and scratchy; not much for a comfort.  My present idea is to find a place for it as a wall hanging in a hospital children's wing.  Someone at my guild mentioned the Barbara Bush Center in Portland, Maine.  Too far for me to drive, so I'll try to connect by phone to see if they might be interested.  I'll write a follow up, if and when, this happens.

Fat Cat and Mousey side view

The eyes and nose were freezer paper turned applique.  I never thought I would ever used this technique which was demonstrated last year at one of my guild meetings.  The ears were make using the pillow case technique then attached to the quilt.  I did this before I quilted.  However, it would be much easier to add them later. 

Fat Cat, closeup of face and tail

The whiskers were added after quilting because I wanted them to be really secure.   When I sewed the tail seam, I also sewed in two pieces of polyester quilt batting. I wanted the tail to puff out; didn't want to worry about the stuffing shifting.   It was a bear to turn inside out, but I do like the effect.  I stitched the tail down after quilting; leaving just a short end free.  The ruffled collar was created separately then attached to the quilt top.


Mousey was created separately from a very simple shape, then stuffed with lots of polyester to keep the nice fat shape.  To get the tail to curl, I made a loop and left it for a while.  Fat Cat's paws have velcro on the ends for holding Mousey or some other object of a different size and shape.  The nose and eyes are heavily stitched.

Sketch/Pattern for Fat Cat

I used a large piece of newsprint to sketch what I hoped would be a charming, comical, playful cat that might appeal to a young child.  During the construction stage I cut the sketch apart.  I marked connection lines where two pieces would join.   Then, I cut and sewed; making several changes as I went to ease construction.

I took this quilt to my guild meeting tonight.  I was soo disappointed that no one liked it very much.  I love it.  Hope children will too.