Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fat Cat and Mousey on their way to a new home

Fat Cat and Mousey

Fat Cat and Mousey are on their way to a new home.  My lovely friend Marti Lew is married to a Pediatric Oncologist.  In Bangor, Maine, there will be a new facility just for these children.  Fat Cat and Mousey will be installed as soon as it is finished.  This is just the perfect home I was hoping for these two comical and friendly creatures.  I'm looking forward to seeing them installed.  Fat Cat is ready to give hugs to children and stuffed animals.  I just hope it brings a bit of cheer and comfort.

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Comfort Quilt

Comfort Quilt, 36" x 46"

This uses nine of the 'advertising ' blocks like those I used in the January Charity Quilt.  It turns out that was very popular and picked out quickly.  My guild has about 40 active members.  Each meeting about 10 to 12 quilts are donated.  What a GREAT group!

 I added the end pieces to make it a bit larger.  I have 6 panels left.  I'm thinking of putting them on point.  I'm just not sure what to use to fill in the spaces.  Ideas appreciated.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tiny Tiny Apricots

See the apricot tree branch loaded with fruit.

See the apricot tree branch which the squirrel nibbled.

Two years ago I thought I saw a few little apricots starting to form.  Then they seemed to disappear.  When I looked out my kitchen window the other day, I saw the squirrel pull the little branch up and devour every single apricot start.  She has been in hiding ever since.  She knows she is in BIG trouble.  I know she will turn up soon because I have scattered chips under the tree.

Should I just try to wrap some of the branches with netting?  Apricots are my favorite fruit.  After 6 years of waiting, I do deserve some nice fruit.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Comfort Quilt

April Comfort Quilt, 36" x 48"

I wanted to create something FUN, bright and hopefully with lots of appeal to a child.  This is the result:  a crazy quilt style with neon green thread used for the quilting.  The back is the wild print pinned to the sides.  It will be bound by a guild member as it is too hard on my hands to do that kind of work.

Cat Motif

I love these silly animals.  I also tried to add other bits that a child might enjoy.  Someone suggested it is sort of an "I spy quilt".  Not sure exactly what that definition requires.  However, this quilt does make me smile.