Thursday, March 14, 2019

A Quilt for a Child

This is the third quilt for a baby/child in the family that I have made.  I made an 'I Spy' quilt for each of my 2 cousins first children. This quilt is for the second child in one family.  I went out for the wedding on 1-1-2011.  The second child was born in late January this year.  Next week I am traveling from the east coast where I live, to the west coast where they live, to hand deliver this new quilt.  It should be fun to see them again as well as their 2 year old and the new baby.

The Matching Game

Although I do not expect this will be used as a game for a couple of years, it is still colorful enough to catch anyone's eye.  Lots of interesting things for a baby to look at.  I imagine Kai, the toddler, will be more interested than the baby Viola in the beginning.  I made both of their quilts rather large so they could also be used as beach blankets since they are a quick car ride from the beach at Carmel-by-the-Sea.  I also did not use any filling since it is so warm there and also the weight of cotton batting on a quilt 40" x 56" would be way too heavy for a child to lug around.  I backed it with flannel in a music print because both parents hold Doctorates in Musicology.  

I know this is not like anything anyone has every seen.  It is not a pretty pattern that we use for our adult quilts.  My view is that we like those patterned quilts, but I think a child will find this quilt more interesting.  Therefore, I dubbed it, "A Quilt for a Child."

It is an odd number of squares making a perfectly rectangular quilt.  One square, the large one with the children playing different musical instruments matches 3 small squares, one of each child.  Another square with a woman and a girl have 2 small squares containing each of the images shown on the large square as their matches.  That was the way I made the matches of an odd number work.  I needed the odd number because of the size as well as the fact that it would be too too hard to match if it were all small squares.  It is also difficult to find enough plain colors that can be seen as really different.  The solid colors help make it a little easier to find the "matches". 

Each block seam is pressed to one side then stitched down.  I do not want a lot of lumps when it is tossed into the washer and dryer.  When everything was neatly stitched down, I pinned the back on, then stitched with a meandering line, pausing now and then to add a heart.  I used a patterned fabric for the binding because I did not want it to show the dirt a child always adds.  

Monday, March 11, 2019

the Energy Coalition

The Energy Coalition speaks for itself.

This is for the 6th Thomas Edison National Historical Park Art Exhibit.  The theme is "Building on the Past to Meet the Future".  

Once I found out that the Solar Wind has enough energy to provide for all our planet's needs, I conceptualized how we might put it to good use.  This energy would only be available for Peaceful Nations.  Unfortunately, it does not look like our nation would qualify at this time.  I was born at the end of WWII.  It seems as if we have been involved in some war ever since.  Will we ever have PEACE?

The fabric medium is totally new to me.  It is called evolon, a trademarked name for a non-woven microfiber canvas.  I had wanted to use water colors, but of course that is one medium that does not work on this fabric.  Instead, I used fabric markers.  At 2' square, I burnt out my yellows.  If you are a print maker, you might want to try this.  I only had the one piece for this project, so no time to experiment.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Let us have EARTH RISE this year.

This new year, 
I want to join the astronauts in their VISION of 
Earth Rise.

The vision of Earth Rise
Our PLANET as ONE collaborative visionary interaction of independent people working toward PEACE with PROSPERITY for all people as well as our planet.

The principles of Earth Rise
1. Interdependence
2. Long Term Thinking
3. Profound Collaborations with both Empathy and Compassion

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Prayer Quilt for Sukie

This was project was begun when our Dear Friend Sukie was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  Lots of prayers are in this quilt.

Early in the process I gave Sukie a rectangular quilt to try.  She became frustrated and confused because she did not know which way it was suppose to go.  Thus the idea of making a square quilt was born.  Every side is the up side.  Any way it goes is the right way.   I have never even seen a quilt made this way before.  I do think it works.

Presenting the finished Prayer Quilt to Sukie.

Sukie is a little stunned even though she knew this was happening.  Because some blocks came after the quilt was begun, I made a small book of prayers to accommodate those blocks.

Sukie's Finished Prayer Quilt ~ 60" square

It is actually square.  However, because of the size, I had no flat space where I could take a photo.  I propped up a 4' x 6' pin board on top of a table.  Problem is that is leans a bit backwards plus there is a break when the quilt goes over the edge of the dining room table.  Hope you can look past that to see the beauty of the prayers.

The open circle* in the center of the quilt has some thoughts at the end of the prayer blocks.  For me, it was the hardest things to sew.  If you have ever tried to sew or draw a perfect circle, you will understand my challenge.  It was required by the quilt.

Original Finished Prayer Block
Each of the following blocks were created on a 6.5" square.  Some did not grasp the fact that when sewn, it would shrink the edges.  I think they are all lovely prayers from the heart.  They are also, in my opinion, loving works of art.  A clue to their placement on the quilt is the hearts.

Interpreted Art Work
These are pieces of original art that could not be copied because my lack of skill in copying the original drawing which could not be used because of 'bleeding sharpies'.  

For more information see,

Requested Prayer Blocks
These are blocks that people from away, busy people, and some who were not sure enough to draw their own block.  Some mailed, some emailed and some asked me in person [I had them write on a piece of paper exactly what they wanted plus how they wanted it displayed, ie with or without a drawing or symbol].  Then I put those thoughts on a block for them.  I am sure their prayers go far beyond my lettering.  I just did my best to interpret their prayers.

Traced Blocks

These are blocks that were previously made my someone using a sharpie that I provided or in one case, mailing in a completed block using what was thought to be permanent marker.   At that time, I thought sharpies were permanent on fabric.  No, they are not.  I am sure that in ALL cases, the originals were better than my copies.  
I did what I could to recreate them using permanent fabric markers.

Regardless of the final block, I know in my heart that they all were made with LOVE plus they all contain prayers of nourishment and energy.

LOTS of LOVE in this quilt.

Still more LOVE in a Book of Prayers.

The style of the cover heart block dictated the style of the book.

*About the Circle in the center of the quilt.
A circle is a universal symbol meaning sacred and divine.  
A circle represents the infinite energy of the universe.
A circle represent everlasting love.
A circle represents LIFE:  birth, survival, death.  Then the death gives new life.
A circle represents the unbroken live which has no beginning and no end.  
A circle is complete within itself.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Permanent? Fabric Markers

After my ordeal with the Bleeding Sharpies, I ordered some Markers marketed especially for fabric.  Following are the results of my trials.

These Markers are SET by ironing the back side for 5 minutes.

This is the first marker set that arrived.  Therefore, the first tried.  At first I thought I had wasted money sending for 2 sets at once.  NO, I had not.  

Above is the Marker Set plus my marks on a 6.5" square of prewashed fabric.  After waiting 24 hours+, ironing, hand washing, then repeating these last 2 steps twice, here is the result.  It looks like the red is finally not going to come off with ironing.  There was no visible color runoff in the water at any time during the wash or rinse cycles.  

After ironing the back side of the fabric on top of newsprint.

Maybe these will work?  Not so fast.  See the shrinkage.

I photographed them on my rather worn out cutting board.  This was prewashed fabric, cut into a 6.5" square.  NOT square or 6.5" anymore.  If you look closely, it seems that  more color = more shrinkage.  See how it dips at the top of the yellow?  Notice there are 3 color rows below.  At the top right, it shrunk a whole half inch where the columns have 5 colors.  Not using these on this project. 

These colors are SET by letting dry for 24 hours.

It took a few more days for this set to arrive.  Glad it finally came.  Notice in the above ironing test, NO color came off.  No color came off when I hand washed.  Therefore, I put this through a double wash - double rinse cycle on my washing machine.  

Here is the Final Result

Obviously, these are the ones I will use.  Only one marker tip.  Not as pointy as I would prefer.  Colors are not as dark or bright as I would like.  However, being permanent as well as not shrinking the fabric is a BIG Plus.

I liken my choice to this following example.  
A neighbor asked me why I kept my snow removal service after they chopped down a $90 Harry Lauder Walking Stick bush plus chewed up the edge of my wooden platform step.  
My answer, they show up.  Snow removal used to be a BIG problem here in Maine.  Looks like global warming is going to lessen that.  Of course it is at the expense of those who live in warmer climates.

Super Markers
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December 13, 2017
I just [FINALLY] found this information on the site that manufactures Micron Pens, SAKARA.