Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I started the top below and another similar one in 2013.  This quilt was developed from some of the 'reminder posts' I make, then post around my house.  I decided I would really like my 'reminders' in fabric rather than the paper or the sanded wood scraps that I usually use.  I know I posted it.  However, I can not find it on my blog.  The point is:  I liked some parts of it, but not the whole.  It has languished around since then.  In April, I decided to take it apart, and re-make it.

The 2013 Version

Saving the bits I like + adding the 'Connect'.

My Method of Working

The Final Final Quilt

I finished the 'Final Quilt' just in time to enter it in Houston.  I wanted to make it small enough to enter the 24" and smaller Art Quilt category.  I do not think it fits in any other category?  Unfortunately, for me it did not get it.  That version had the edges faced.  

I decided I would like to try binding, using some of the same fabrics I used in the quilt.  I got almost half way through with that, when I realized I was on the wrong path.  Now the side edges are cotton velveteen, the top edge is a heavy, dull fabric while the bottom is more trim over a thin black binding.  

The Final Final Quilt, detail

When the year started, I aimed to make an art quilt a month.  Medical issues + other responsibilities interfered.  Although I did spend over 500 hours on this tiny quilt. WAAAY toooo much time.   I need to find a better + faster way to get these done the way I want them to look.   Sometimes it is a difficult struggle to get the image in my mind sewn up the way I envision it.  

In my quilt count, this is my April Quilt.

I've been nibbling away at the other 'word' quilt.  I've been quilting on it off and on while I finished this little one.  Hopefully, I'll finish it this month at the latest.  Two weeks is my goal.