Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The finished quilt: "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder"

I have finally finished this FFF challenge 27 which was due December 6. The challenge was to depict something either really really close up OR really far far away. I chose close close up. We were encouraged to follow our chosen theme as well as use a variety of values.

Although I had the center done and quilted on time, the quilt finishing was a challenge. I decided to make mitered borders. I ripped them out so many times I had to get more material. Finally I glued them in place and stitched on top. I hate to say 'never again', but it is so far down on my list of thingAdd Images to do I think I would have to dig down a few feet to find it. Then I did the machine work for the facing. The hand sewing was so painful that I only did a little at a time. With Mom's 93 birthday on April 16, fast approaching, I had a goal to meet. Hope to mail it tomorrow.

My dear cousin Tom had arranged for my Mom to meet her latest Great Grand child. He also took a few photos. This one caught my attention because of the look between my Mom and this toddler. Mom was tied to a wheel chair because her left side was paralyzed after a stroke almost one year ago. My sister Mary was actually holding the baby on Mom's lap. However, through the magic of 'paint' and hours and hours of work, I cut out Mary's hand. Then I faded the photo so only the 'GOOD' stuffed showed. Not the greatest editing job. However, one thing that is so rewarding about making things for my Mom, she LOVES everything I make or do for her. Can't beat that for pay back.

For the puzzle lovers, a different cut.

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