Sunday, November 24, 2013

SURPRISE = First snow of the season

Dark and Blurry, but SNOW

View from my kitchen window.  It gets dark here around 4PM or slightly before, so I like to spend my afternoons enjoying the sunshine IF it is available.

When I saw this coming, I went back to check the weather reports.  NO snow in the forecast.  I put off errands today because according to the forecast, Monday is suppose to be sunny and not as windy as today and tomorrow.  Snow was NEVER mentioned.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Festival 2013 - What's for Dinner?

At some time during the show, I accidentally turned my camera to a wrong setting.  Not sure when it happened.  However, the upshot is that I am missing a bunch of photos.  Unfortunately, this exhibit is not complete.   Hopefully, these photos will give you a 'taste' of the exhibit.

Long Shot of the Table

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Big Prize Winners at Festival in Houston

Handi Quilter Best of Show = $10,000
Chihuly's Gondona”
by Melissa Sobotka, Texas


Detail World ofBeauty Award = $7,500
Septem Peccata Mortalia” [Seven Deadly Sins]
by Christine Alexiou, Canada

This Book totally blew me away.  Totally original; marvelous execution.

IQA Founders Award [tie]= $7,500
A Little Bit of Baltimore”
by Janet Stone, Kansas

IQA Founders Award [tie]= $7,500
Gorsuch Family Quilt Circa 1840 Revisited”
by Margo Hardie, Australia

Margo was a lot of fun to talk with about her quilt. She said something like, 'There is only one way to do it.  Do it right.'  She also mentioned she puts a lot of birds in her quilts because she likes birds.

Robert S. Cohan Master Award for Traditional Artistry = $5,000
Forever in My Heart”
by Lahala Phelps, Washington

Fairfield Master Award for Contemporary Artistry = $5,000
Photographer Darling”
by Noriko Nozawa, Japan

Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry = $5,000
Quilt Noir”
by Shirley Gisi, Colorado

Baby Lock Master Award for Innovative Artistry = $5,000
Illinois Album”
by Jane Sassaman, Illinois

Superior Threads Master Award for Thread Artistry = $5,000
by Masanobu Miyama, Japan

The dog is totally created with thread.  No photo or painting.
He showed how he made a chart of the colors, then stitched them.

The Future of Quilting Award sponsored by Omnigrid = $1,000
Oklahoma Windsong”
by Cherrie Hampton, Oklahoma

Judge's Choice sponsored by Hohin France= $250 each

choice of Carolie Hensley
Did You Wash Your Beak?”
by David Talor, Colorado

The background quilting is incredible.

SORRY, I can not find the photo that go with this award.
IF you have a photo that I might insert, please email me.
choice of Sandra Leichner
Crest of Tulip”
by Takido Fusako, Japan

choice of Katie Pasquini Masopust
Escape II”
by Betty Hahn, Arizona

Betty did a painting on canvas, then had it printed on fabric so she could quilt it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Necessary Sewing

Roller Cart Lining

What a bland start to creating after Festival.  However, it is necessary. Starting to come down after the high of Festival, I went grocery shopping with my new cart.  The only thing that didn't fall threw the large holes was my pack of beer.  Although I really enjoy beer, food is very important to me.  I am one of those who really enjoys eating with gusto.  Thus, I decided I needed to make a lining for my cart so that the avocados, rice cakes, peanut butter, apples, tomatoes and other items smaller than the cart holes could be easily rolled home.

Haven't a clue where or how or why I got this fabric. Did a burn test.  It is not cotton.  Love the blue-purple color.  Find the whole fabric rather strange-a printed plaid.  This seems like a good use for it. Would not want to use this in any type of quilt.  Tomorrow I hope to clear up some other necessary sewing items from my work table.  Then, hopefully soon, I will be back working on my 'word' wall hangings.

PS. I was on a continuous sensory overload during Festival. I took LOTS of photos. I have started editing them, but it is going to be a long slow slug because I have an overload of day work to do before the big snow hits.