Sunday, October 27, 2013

Here-s-s-s Me at Houston 2013

PLEASE stop and say 'Hello' IF you see me in Houston.

Chair Back Pack

Me  10-27-3013

Friday, October 25, 2013

Quiltart Logo

Future Shopping Bag

This is as far as I have gotten creating a Logo pocket for a bag [yet to be made] that will hang on the back of my wheel chair.  Now I am wondering IF this is OK.

I tried printing out the logo with no luck.  Blurry, dull colors.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quilt Photo Review Year 6

Starting with the ART QUILTS

One Yellow Square
10" x 10"

This was my first quilt of the year.  Weird as it seems, I actually drempt about a quilt with 'one yellow square'.  The next day was Friday.  This fit the current Fast Friday Fabric Challenge.   It has changed my direction toward working with fabrics instead of painting, dying, etc.

Nine Patch in White
12" x 12"

One Black Square
12" x 12"

Golden Rectangle
17.75" x 25"

Nine Patch of Quakers
17.75" x 17.75"

Fantasy Book Cover
10" x 10"

Fern Ballet
33" x 41.5"

I actually started it last year; finally finished it this year.  It won an honorable mention in the "

Cottage Door
4" x 6"

Beaded White Coneflower
6" x 4"

Beaded Coneflower
6" x 4"

Practical Artistic Expressions

Water Lily Purse
13.5" x 11.75"

Selvage Purse

11 Totes/Bags
This was a FUN experiment making these out of a sample book of water repellent outdoor fabric.  I got bored near the end.  However, I am happy with the results.  I think these will make great travel bags for friends.

 Golden Swirl as a Cushion for a hanging chair

Tote for Jodi with art work by her daughter

Grocery Tote
2 Beach Purses [one for me, one for a friend] 

Revised Pattern to create an Original Jacket for Florida

Little Treasures from an on-line pattern

Charity Quilts and other Giving Projects

A Gift to Camp Sunshine
a free camp for children with life threatening diseases and their families 

'A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fishes Frequently Travel with Two Delightful Tag-a-longs'

Musical Theme Quilt for Camp Sunshine, twin size

Tinkerbell Theme Bed Quilt for Camp Sunshine, twin size

Comfort Quilt

Comfort Quilt

Daisy Quilted Jean Fabric for Comfort Quilt
I love crazy quilt blocks + jean fabric = one of my favorites

I have a quilting friend whose husband is a Pediatric Oncologist.  Thus, I am making Chemo Quilts for some of these children who are treated at his clinic.  I am also trying to entice others to make quilts for this very worthwhile cause.  Anything that I can do to help a child during the treatment process brings me great JOY. I buy fun flannel for the backing.  I usually ask for help from Mothers with children so that it is something children might actually enjoy.

Bakery Treats Chemo Quilt

Tinkerbell Theme Chemo Quilt

Musical Theme Chemo Quilt

Musical Theme Chemo Quilt

Farm Theme Chemo Quilt

With so many in need, this year saw me making pillow cases for the first time ever.  I am told it is comforting for a child to have a special pillow case.  The following were all made for Sandy Hook.  Because Sandy Hook had so many hundreds when I was ready to mail my offerings, my 16 went instead to children in the hospital for a serious stay.  This is an on-going charity project in our state.

My on-going project is making unique individual name tags for everyone in my Quaker Meeting that wants one.  I take a box of fabric.  After Worship, each person picks the fabric they want.  No two will have the same fabric.  It started slowly; now it has become very popular.  I especially like the fact that our young people appreciate this gesture.  It seems to make them feel more like they belong to the whole Meeting, not just the youth group.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

More name tags

After trying to post for weeks now, I used Firefox to get this far.   I've been having continuous problems with Internet Explorer. Problem is that all of my favorites are on that site.  If anyone has any knowledge about how to use this site OR a better one, please let me know.

 More Name Tags

Even More Name Tags

These have become very popular.  I'm very happy about that.