Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Memory Quilt

Wedding Memory Quilt Pillow Top

I wanted to make a small memory quilt in appreciation of the wedding invitation.  I figured I would just stitched them as a straight top with filler between.  Then when the FFF Challenge came out, I totally changed my thinking.  This Gestalt challenge made a BIG difference in my design = turned it upside down.  I wanted the photos to look as if they were casually dropped on a table.  Of course, they were carefully arranged according to the Gestalt principals of Similarity, Proximity, and Alignment.

The Wedding Ceremony Booklet top is on the top, touching the family, who are now united by the marriage and the couple.  The wedding group photo is on the bottom of everything, because although important, it is subservient to both the couple and the family.  The father-daughter photo is parallel to the couple [they are still close, yet have a very different relationship], but not touching.  I chose this photo of the couple as they were both intently looking at each other.  The small center bottom photo is of the couple lighting the unity candle, another symbol of their pledge of troth.

I had this all laid out 2 months ago when I took it to a guild meeting and someone commented, "Those photos are very antique looking.  Why don't you just tuck a little lace under to complete the look."  Wonderful suggestion.  However, it is not that easy "to tuck a little lace under".  The corners need to be square, matched  and aligned.  I also was unsure of the fusing medium, so when I asked the quiltart group, I found I needed to use Mistyfuse Ultraviolet.  So then I had to wait for the mail.  Then life interrupted.  Now, happily, it is finished.