Monday, November 1, 2010

Bi-fold Coccyx Cushion

Original Piece of Foam With Cuts

I started with a piece of faom 19" x 8" x 3".  I knew I wanted the cushion to be 16" wide, so I started with this chunk.  I used my bread knife to cut the foam.  However, when I bought the original piece, they cut it with an electrical knife.  That works much better; makes a smoother, cleaner cut.  I do hope you can see how I slice this piece to make the two parts.

Cutting and Trimming the Pieces

After slicing the piece of foam, I cut off the little ends and took out the chunk I needed gone in order to make it good for my spine.

Making Pattern Pieces

I made my pattern pieces by using the foam that I had cut out.  I decided the best way to insert the foam was by having the outside edges open and then closed with velcro.

Checking How the Pattern Pieces Fit

I highly recommend this step.  I found I had forgotten the seam allowance on one piece.  Better now than after the fabric is cut.

Checking How the Sewn Fabric Cover Fits

This gives a little reassurance that things are going to fit.

The Finished Cushion

I sewed the two pieces together at the center of the top.  For easy carry, it will fold on this 'joint'.  I'm sure you will do a better job of sewing.  However, the 'sitting test' gave my new 'watermelon cushion' high marks.  Very comfy.  I'm all set for that long long long trip to Houston.

What would I do differently:  allow more time, make my pattern a little more accurate, and try to work when I am not tired.  My pattern was a bit sloppy and the fit is very loose.  I could have cut those pieces a little smaller.  Just very happy it is DONE.  Done is alway good!