Friday, October 21, 2011

Year 4 in review

My quilting year runs from October - September.  This year was filled with many medical challenges.  Sometimes the only thing I wanted to do was just sew something small and easy.  Luckily my local guild has a Block of the Month [BOM] challenge.  I found these just the right size to complete when I wasn't feeling totally up to par.  Another plus is that because I came to quilting from an art background, I never had done the traditional blocks.  I am enjoying these very much.  Of course the guild group is making all 12" squares.  I am going to make something small so my blocks are a smaller size.  It will be interesting to see how these odd BOM's make a quilt.
Pink Friendship Star = 3" square

Purple Friendship Star = 3" square

Umbrella = 3" square

Sail Boat = 6" square

Pin Wheel = 6" square

Basket = 8" square

Pink Apple = 3"x4"

Purple Apple = 3"x4"

Basket = 6" square

I was attracted to Zentangles; here are a few of my many attempts.

ATC front and back
Tangled Tulips = FFFC, 10" square

Tangled  = FFFC, 10"x12"

This started as an Fast Friday Fabric Challenge [FFFC].  Not happy with the original response, I am happy with the pieces made from the divided parts.

Tiny Quilt for my kitchen
[aka potholder I am proud to have hanging out]

Quilt Show Purse
This is one of the most FUN, favorite things I made during this year.  There is a how-to on this blog. I wish I had it when I went to Houston.  Next show = READY TO GO!

Houston 2010
The fall was the most fun for me because I was able to attend the Quilt Festival in Houston. It was my first time; of course I want to go again. I was thrilled to see my quilt in a special exhibit of quilts from the book, "500 Art Quilts".

I was also a part of an ATC exchange. Fun to receive, but the deadlines got overwhelming when I was struggling with medical stuff.  I no longer am part of a group with strict deadlines.  Luckily, my favorite group, FFFC, is very flexible with due dates.  Works really well for me.

Love ATC - paper, fabric, lace, ribbon, tiny pearls

Water Color ATC

Letter ATC - painted and heavily stitched

Letter ATC's - I made a letter for each person

I even managed to make and/or finish a few art quilts and a few other 'arty' things.

Sunlight and Shadows - 48"x60"
This is my first quilt. I pieced the top during the winter of 1995-96; quilted it this past year.  It still needs the edges finished.  Hopefully that will happen before another 15 years pass.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  I used uphostery fabric from books I picked up for $1 or less.  It is really heavy.

Sunlight and Shadows, detail 1

Sunlight and Shadows, detail 2

A Taste of Summer 2 - 16"x20"

Red Rhythms - FFFC, baby quilt sent to Japan

Water Lily - FFFC, 17" square, [edges not finished]

2 Ferns - 11"x16" [edges not finished]

3 Ferns - 11"x16" [edges not finished]

Throne Cover  - FFFC
This is becoming one of my favorite items in the house.   It makes me smile every time I see it, which is often.  I encourage you to make some practical items to add art in a FUN way.

Spinal Dance - 18"x29", FFFC, [edges not finished]

Shibori Dyed Cape - my original design

Wedding Cape
Photos and story are on page 72, "Machine Quiting Unlimited", Nov/Dec 2011 issue.  My dye steps and more are on this blog.

Strip Pieced Tote/Purse
How to is on this blog.

Emblished PJ Top = FFFC expressing a mood
Step by step is on this blog

Sunlight on a Cloudy Day - 5.5"x6"
This was made for a book to cheer a person in need.  I applied paint to a piece of prepared canvas glued to chip board, then used sheer fabric to finish the design.  Although not my usual style, I really liked it.

Dream Rocket Panel - 24" square

My dream is for world peace.  This was so much fun to make and now really exciting to watch where it is being exhibited.  If you haven't yet made a panel, I encourage you to do so.  Here is a link to the project

Totally practical.  Both of these have long tutorials on this blog.  Both are an answer to a specific need.
Folding Coxic Cushion - wonderful for plane travel

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder  = it really works!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thank you, I'm Healing Nicely

Ann - 10-16-2011

Thanks for all the get well wishes.  They are much appreciated.  It has now been almost 1 1/2 weeks since my accident on October 6.  I am well on the road to recovery.  I'm doing small projects everyday.  Mostly cleaning up stuff I hate to do like hem a pair of wool pants which have been hanging near my work table for almost 3 years.   Besides the outside pile of stuff 'to do', I also have lots inside.  I'm doing a BIG clean-up a little bit at a time.  Tripping and falling face first is not fun. 

As a creative person, I am always starting projects.  Unfortunately, once the project is solved or in a semi-finished state, it is put on a pile to finish because I have another idea to explore.  Does anyone else have this problem? 

However, my walk ways are getting clear!  I plan to keep them that way.

Enjoy the Journey,

PS.  I also donated a LOT of UFO's to our recent Guild Auction.  Raising money while clearing out seems like a wonderful idea to me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BOM = Leaf

October Block of the Month
Paper pieced leaf, 4" square

The blocks I am making are intended for a purple lap quilt.  The fabric really makes this little leaf.