Monday, September 26, 2011

Embellished PJ Top

Embellished PJ Top

I started with a pale yellow knit shirt from the Salvation Army.  I really wanted hot pink to better match the bottoms.  However, I think I have made this work.  I added the side pieces from a silk blouse that I never wore because it was 'too frilly'.  Why did I buy it?  The neck edging is from a size 10 top with spaghetti straps.  I also had one in hot pink.  No more size 10 anything; no more spaghetti straps.  The straps became the dangling decoration.  The bright yellow satin with little crystals is used both on the bottom edge and as part of the epaulets.  First time I have ever made a yo-yo.  Another skilled learned.

Because I accidentally photographed at a sloping down angle, my hips just get smaller and smaller.  How could this be accomplished in real life?

Left Side Stitching Detail

Rose satin fabric with orange decorative stitching, white lace attached with pale pink thread, decorative pale pink stitching on top of a silk blouse part, pale pink ribbon overlaid with hot pink ribbon, then stitched in blue.

Right Side Stitching Detail

The base is the silk blouse, yellow decorative stitching, wide light blue ribbon with thin orange and thin yellow ribbons on top stitched down with blue decorative stitching, yellow decorative stitching.

Epaulet Detail

Base is a piece of grosgrain ribbon. The same lace that is used on the side is stitched to the back with only orange decorative stitches showing. The puff at the neckline is the same fabric as the neckline trim and 'dangling things'. Buttons finish off the raw edges of both the yo-yo and the puff.

Now I want to have a pajama party.   HMMMM. . .

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My quilt donations for Karey's museum

Fast Friday Fabric Challenges to the rescue of Karey's museum.  Since it takes me much longer than most to create even a little quilt, I looked in my 'saved quilt' stash and came up with three I hope are good enough for this venue.

Catch a Falling Star

This was a no brain-er.  I started with a gorgeous piece of Lois Jarvis' 'Rust Tex' fabric. [Check it out, it will make the quilt.]  Basically I framed it in this wonderful hand dyed velveteen, stitched it in gold, and then added some gold colored metal beads.  This is actually one of my favorite pieces.  Hope it finds a home that loves it.

Mermaid Study

I believe mermaids are related to dolphins and whales. They do not have scales, but thick skin. If you look closely, this mermaid is working hard to get off the beach. She was visiting land for the night, but obviously didn't make it back before she changed, once again, from a human to a sea mammal. As the sun is only a thread on the horizon, no shadows exist. It is that special time between moon glow and sun shine. Although the mermaid seems in peril, the tide is rising. Do not fear, she will be OK.


I discharged some fabric, stitched it to within an inch of it's life with many types of thread, including metallic.  Then I added glass beads to reflect the glow of the inner space.  I mounted it between a small wooden frame which I covered with jute string to reflect the tough, dull outside of a geode.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FFFC 60 Pallet

After seeing the vibrant design my Sue Church called Joyful Joyful, I got an idea for my own response to this challenge.

My Pallet

Not sure how this will turn out, but I have pulled some vibrant, lush fabric from my stash.  I'm really attracted to the blue-pink-yellow combination.  I also pulled every piece of trim and sparkle that I own.

While Sue's was Joyful Joyful; mine will be Glitz-Lush-Vibrant.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Art Deco?

I usually title my designs.  This one took me soo long, I call it 'Done'.

I started this little piece last spring.  Then I had a series of medical interruptions.  It was started for a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge titled, Art Deco.  I think my original design hit the mark.  All I intended to do was stitch in the ditch so the design popped. 
Pieced Design

However, I could NOT get the tension adjusted on my machine. The more I stitched, the more out of whack it got. I had lost a LOT of my incentive for finishing this. Yet, it was something practical I really wanted to use.
After marking a bunch of circles flowing across the design, I stitched those several times around using white thread until I felt they stood out enough to make the design show.  It was rather subtle.  Next, I picked out a thread color that is in my wall.  Then I really stitched it within an inch of its' life.  Now the real FUN began.  I took out my buttons.  No real whites, so I used these small off white ones.  I really wanted gray and purple.  I had bought a set of purple buttons and also some tiny gray ones.  I needed something that would POP.  Like any good Artist, I looked in my closet for buttons that would work for this quilt.  I absolutely love the steel gray ones.  I rarely wore the wool jacket.  Now I have more wool for wool stash.  I found a few more purple ones on a sweater I never wear.  That will be re-purposed later. 

I laid my buttons out on my design; then I fiddled for hours.  I held them in place with the yellow headed pins.  I liked the accent, so decided to use white embroidery floss on all of the buttons.  I actually only had to take off one button that didn't work out.  That amazed me.  This is my first time using buttons as a design element.  Attaching them took 2 days because I had to pull the large needle through with pliers.  The tiny gray ones required a small needle, so I just went through several times. 

Am I hooked on buttons?  Not sure.  I think each quilt will have to speak to me and tell me what to do, just as this one did.

Finished Art Quilt in Situ

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crayola Washable Markers

I finally got up the nerve to use these markers.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before I quilted.  However, I think you can see the marks because I didn't hit all of them.  lol.

It is a small, utilatarian quilt. Here are the results of that portion.  Finished project coming soon.

Marked and Stitched

Markers Washed Out
They suggested the markers be washed out as soon as possible. Therefore, I washed them out immediately after this white thread quilting.