Golden Sunrise, 10" x 10"
painted, quilted March 2012

Spinal Dance, 18" x 29.5"
painted, quilted, January 2011

A Taste of Summer 2, 16" x 20"
Paint, thread painting, sewing, quilted, November 2010.

Water Lily, 17" x 17"
Painted, ink tense pencils, healvily quilted and thread painted.

Lace, 10" x 10"
Painted, stamped, rubbed patterns, thread patterns.

Geode 1
June 2010, 6.5" diameter
Discharged, thread painted, beaded.

3 Golden Pears
June 2010, 10" x 10"
Discharged, screen printed and painted

Psychedelic Fungi
10" x 10", June 2010
Discharged fabric with thread painting.

15 Pears
10"x10", June 2010
Silk screen, stencils and free form paint.

A Taste of Summer
12" x 12", May 2010
It is colored with dyes, fabric paints, Inktense pencils and fabric pens.

A Taste of Summer, detail 1

A Taste of Summer, detail 2

Flower Child
12"x17.5", private collection, May 2010

This is painted photo transfer which was mounted on background that is a combination of my original screen printed fabric and commercial fabric.

detail of dimensional flowers

Flower Child detail

Morgandy means, "Little One by the Sea".
I made this for her first birthday, January 2010
Acrylic paints on raw canvas.

12"x12", 2010
Fabric dyes, fabric paints, and fabric paint sticks on white cotton.

"The Tigress in the Tortoise"
9.5"x11", 2010
Fabric dyes, fabric paints, fabric paint sticks
and thread painting on white cotton.

"Wild Rose"
width 24.75" irregular x length 28.5" irregular, 2010
Fabric dyes, fabric paint, and paint sticks on white cotton.
"Beached Mermaid study"
3-dimensional mermaid on a background of commercial fabrics
augmented with paint and thread painting.

"Blast Off"
Fabric dyes and fabric paints on plain white fabric.

"Golden Fern"
2009, private collection
Printed using real fern tips.

"Fern Print, green"
2009, 7" x 9", private collection
Printed using a real fern tip.

"Dancing Limes"
2009, private collection
Printed using a dried lime half.

"Beach Girl"
2009, 5" x 7",  private collection
Fabric paint on commercial fabrics.

"On Point"
2009, 9.5" x 11",  private collection
Fabric dyes and paint on plain white fabric.

"Quoth the Raven"
2008, 4" x 6" post card, private collection
Fabric dye pens and fabric paint on plain, white cotton.

"Ballet Trio"
Painted ballerina on stage,
3-dimensional ballet slippers, and
 fabric fusing for the 'stretching' silhouette'.

Techniques used include torn fabric,
painted sheer fabric,
and thread painting for the 'window scene'.

"Leaf Closeup"
 2008, 12" x 12", private collection
Painted sheer overlay on fabric.

2008, 9.5" x 11", private collection

Painted frog on commercial fabric agmented with machine stitching.
Bound with velvet.