Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ovarian Cancer Rearch Funded by Quilts

A Taste of Summer 2
16" x 20"
This is my contribution to the MD Anderson Quilt on-line auction to benefit ovarian cancer research.  Quilts of all sizes and styles are welcomed through May 2013.  The auction will be October 23 to November 6, 2013.  Please consider donating a quilt.  It can be a small or large art quilt, lap quilt, bed quilt or simply make some blocks as suggested on their site.  At present, there is no good way to detect ovarian cancer until it is in an advanced stage.  One of the primary goals is to discover a way to detect ovarian cancer in an early stage.

A Taste of Summer 2

Mailing Package with Donation Form
Everything is padded and then enclosed in plastic.  I am having a more difficult time mailing this year because I put my quilt on a stretched canvas.  It was necessary because I needed to support the 'skirt' part of the dress.

The direct link to the donation site is below.

Please consider donating a quilt to this very worthy cause.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jungle Tote

Jungle Tote
I got this piece of heavy fabric on the 'Free Table' at my Guild Meeting many months ago.  As I was looking for fabric for children's quilts, I found it.  The fabric is a heavy, coarse weave cotton.  Not suitable for any type of quilt.  Needing yet another grocery tote, I made this.
The tote has a pocket in the out side plus another pocket inside.  The inside pocket has a slot for a pen or pencil.  The other portion is big enough for my bill fold.  In theory, I could just put my bill fold inside, my list outside and be ready for shopping.  This is attractive enough that I will take it to other stores besides the grocery.  Thus saving on plastic bags.  YEAH for the environment!
This is seventy, number 10
For more information on "seventy", please see the post below.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cottage Door

Cottage Door
4" x 6"
When the FFF Challenge came out, I was excited.  I had taken about 1,000 photos in Carmel between Christmas 2011 and New Years Day 2012.  I was so disappointed that the wedding photos were so awful, I had just stuck the album away on my computer.  Now, I had an excuse to examine it. 
Friday evening I went through lots of building, door and window photos. Finally, I found this little turquoise door which enchanted me.  I printed it using my Epson pigment printer late Friday night.  I thought I would just 'stitch it up' in the morning.  Almost 12 hours later it is done.  In person, it is tactilely dimensional.  I stitched in layers similarly to what I did in 'Nine Patch in White'.
I love the idea.  However, I thought I would go nuts stitching the window panes.  I will NOT be doing that again.  I got very tired of the stitching when it was only about 1/3 done.  Hopefully, it is a lesson learned.
Although I like it.  It was way way too too much work for the final result as a post card.  I think it would not have been any more work to make it in a larger size.
This is seventy, number 9.  Please see the following link if you want more information.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Golden Rectangle

Golden Rectangle
17 3/4" x 25" fat
Like a lot of you, I got the idea for this quilt while making another quilt.  While I was making my response to the FFF challenge, I thought about making another quilt using the Golden Rectangle as my subject.  Immediately after finishing One Yellow Square, I started this quilt.  Sewn into the gold golden rectangle are 2 other golden rectangles.  The gold golden rectangle also is positioned within a golden rectangle outlined by the gold painted fabric.  Originally I was not going to have any borders.  However, when I got into the quilting stage, I realized it needed a double border.  Very seldom does my original idea end up as I thought it would.  It is really a square cornered rectangle.  However after shooting about 50 photos, I decided I just needed to post.  When my new studio is completed, I will have a wall of sound board to use for design and most excitingly use for pining up my projects for photographing.  At the moment I am shooting blind down at a table.

Golden Rectangle detail
This was double layered and stitched before it was added to the whole quilt.  Because of all the extra batting, it is well raised from the rest of the quilt.
For more information on the Golden Rectangle, check out these sites.
This is seventy, number 8.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flower with Beaded Center

Flower with Beaded Center
4" x 6"
I have just joined the FAT [Fiber Art Traders] so that I can make and trade post cards.  This is my first post card.  I altered a photo with paint, fabric markers and fabric crayons.  I then padded the petals in the same manner as I did for "Nine Patch in White".  The depth does not show much in the photo.  It is subtle, but it is a technique I want to explore in more little pieces of fiber art.
Depth View
If you look closely, it is possible to see some raised petals and of course the mixture of colored beads.
Seventy, number 7

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nine Patch in White

Nine Patch in White
Framed in Black Metal 12" x 12"
I am really enjoying exploring the ways that texture and depth can be explored.  Besides the raised nine patches, I have used fringed selvages, cording, and decorative trim.
Texture View

I darken this view a lot in order to show the depth and texture of this piece.
Back Showing Depth Technique
I used a firm polyester batting for the squares.  I then stitched around them from the front.  Following this, I cut alway all the fabric and batting not in the squares.  This was because I wanted the squares to physically stand out.

Ready for Final Quilting
This is also posted at Off the Wall Friday

This is seventy, number 6.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Upcycled Clothing by Nancy Judd

I was lucky enough to view this exhibit while on my quick trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida.  IF you live or vacation anywhere near this exhibit at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, I urge you to see this and take your children.  It is illuminating to see what she does with things we generally discard.  Beside the clothing is a small glass box showing the 'trash' she used to create the dress.  She is a talented designer on a mission to show how much 'stuff' we discard and how it affects the environment.


I thought the exhibit FABULOUS.  The gardens are palms in a lovely setting.  However, you can see them all on your way to and from the parking lot.  I nice spot for a picnic lunch.  In my opinion, the 'gardens' do not match the hype.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


The Snow is Still Blowing
Yesterday, after the north end of the house seemed chilly, I discovered the hot water base board pipes were frozen.  Luckily, I had people working on my studio.  They discovered that someone had left off the closure to the crawl space where the wind was blowing hard.  After they stuffed the access full of insulation, they got heat tape.  They wrapped it around the pipe running in front of the offending opening. 
This is the family where the boys shovel my drive, steps, etc.  I told them 'no rush' since it is still blowing.  When they do come over, they will check on the pipes.  It is now 40 degrees.  I am still in my flannel pj's and heavy fleece robe that hangs to my ankles.  I may stay this way all day.
Just thinking how folks at Cape Canaveral were complaining about it only being 70 degrees.  Oh what a difference today.  Makes me more appreciative of my time in Florida.  Of course, I think this might have been the better time to travel south.  Except, of course no buses or planes are leaving anywhere in Maine at the moment.

View of My Covered Porch
I took the photos threw the windows.  I'm not even contemplating opening any door.  This window is covered with a thin layer of blown crystal snow.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Florida's Largest Quilt Store

This is the ad my friend saw in the paper.  She went out of her way to take me there.  I could have spent much $$$$$$ + many hours.  Living in Maine, I had never seen anything like it.  Of course I imagine California and some other populous places may have quilt shops this size.  However, for me, this was incredible.  I think I was glazed over upon entry.  Even my friend, who is not a quilter or a person who sews, admired the gorgeous fabrics.

IF you are in Florida, I think you should schedule a trip to this shop.  Just make sure you can either bring a lot of cash or have a good amount of credit on your charge card.  Also, allow yourself plenty of time.  This is truly quilters eye candy. 

I was totally dazed when I left with my little bag of fabric.  I was not prepared.  IF I had known, I would have saved up for this shop.