Flower Child
12"x17.5", 2010, private collection
This is painted photo transfer which was mounted on background that is a combination of my original screen printed fabric and commercial fabric.

Quinceaneros: The Dance
15"x15" + dangling beads, April 2010

This quilt does not fit into any neat catagory.  It has some photo transfer plus paint plus applique plus yarn plus a pin plus a bead necklace plus wedding tulle plus a gold lame bow plus a sprinkling of gold glitter.  Why.  To celebrate the occasion, or in other words, just for the fun of it.

Detail of Quinceaneros: The Dance

Quinceaneros: The Dance
Side view to show dimension and more detail.

"Me and My Buddies"
Created from a brain scan for a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge.

part of a planned larger quilt

"Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder"
Gift for my Mom holding her newest great granddaughter.

"The Changing Face of Alzheimers 1"
private collection

"The Changing Face of Alzheimers 2"
Selected to be part of the 2011 traveling exhibit, 
 "Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope"

"The Changing Face of Alzheimers 3"
private collection

"The Changing Face of Alzheimers 4"

"The Retrospective Theater"

Featured in  "Quilting Arts Magazine",
October\November 2008 page 53.

Featured on page 226 of the beautiful book, "500 Art Quilts".

"She's A Star"
Memory quilt for my Mom, December 2007