Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chemo Quilts =3 NEW

I used the same easy pattern for each quilt.  However, they are very different from each other.  Also, the cotton flannel backs add to the interest, warmth and cuddle factor.  Each child gets to choose his/her own quilt.  My aim is to create something comforting for a child during the difficult time of chemo therapy.  All Chemo quilts are 40" x 60".  I use 4" and 8" squares to make a 20" block.  I cut up left over fabric, put it in a box, then when I am creating a Chemo quilt, I have some odd pieces to add to the interest.

Chemo Quilt with lots of TEXTURE

Chemo Quilt with lots of TEXTURE detail

Chemo Quilt - CATS

Chemo Quilt - CATS detail

Chemo Quilt - Morgandy fabric

While shopping with her Mom, Morgandy picked out a packet of five fabrics that she liked.  At 4 1/2, she wanted me to make something for myself.  After a discussion about how she liked the fabrics a lot, we decided it would be nice to use them for a quilt for a sick child.  My thinking is that if she like these fabrics, so might another little girl.

All of the Chemo Quilts go to a Pediatric Oncology Center here in Maine.  Unfortunately, there is a growing need because of the increase in cancer.  The sun that has less atmosphere to travel through before it reaches our bodies, air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat are getting polluted by varies means.  We need to care for our planet, if we want healthy people.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blue Rose

 Blue Rose Center

Below is the third sketch I made for this answer to the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge.  It was my turn to create the challenge.  Something Blue with black, white and one other color also allowed, but not required.  The main thing is that one should think 'blue' when looking at it.  When the 'Coming Up Roses' exhibit was announced, I decided on this blue rose.

I wanted to create something dimensional.  This is my first try after seeing the wonderful dimensional flower quilts by Barb Forrister at Houston last fall.  I also attended her demo and got to meet her.  What a thrill.  She makes it look easy.  However, I found I ripped out a LOT.  If I had more of the blue satin, I would have just cut more.  Having a limited amount of fabric really pushed my creativity.  

College of Working Parts

Clockwise from top left: sketch,  blue satin strips to enlarge the 'bud', top of one of the 'petals' showing how I stitched the petal over, then held it in place with gold thread, back of the 'petal' and 1/2 yard blue satin [- a small chunk].  

I have been experimenting with different ways to finish out the quilt.  I have already thrown out three tries.  Because of my fabric limit, I try ideas out using other fabrics.  However, for me, the blue satin is the only fabric from my stash that works. Perseverance is the name of this game.