Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fidget Quilt

Fidget Quilt
33" x 35.5"
This fidget quilt is made with the intent of keeping a child interested in it during  Meeting for Worship.  My goal was to have lots of things to explore in a quiet way.  The large pocket will hold a small stuffed animal, the back pocket a cardboard book, the velvet pocket is lined with satin.  All of the pockets are recycled clothes of mine or friends.  There are also lots of textures to touch and pictures of things a child might recognize.  No, I do not ever expect a child to know 'Buster'.  However, a child knows a dog, Easter eggs, flowers, frogs, hearts, and many of the farm animals.  Hopefully busy fingers will enjoy touching and exploring.
Back Pocket detail

Large Pocket detail

Zipper Pocket detail
This also has some satin to touch, polka dots and a rooster to enjoy.  The Velcro fastener replaces the original button. 
Cat detail
I stuffed and stitched around it before the whole thing was quilted.  Hard to see, but it is raised about one quarter of an inch above the rest of the animals.  Something to touch as well as enjoy visually.

Frog detail
Another stuffed and quilted animal.  The grosgrain ribbon, satin, and fringe all add interesting textures to keep busy hands exploring.

More Textures
Satin ribbon, corduroy, fringe, grosgrain ribbon, checkered trim and LOTS of fancy stitches are all employed to keep a child's attention. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish
Frequently Travel with Two Terrific Tagalongs
36" x 47"

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish
Front end view to show dimension

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish
Back end view to show dimension

This summer has passed very quickly in one view and very slowly in another.  With my first guild meeting next Thursday, I decided I better use my challenge fabric.  That fabric is the gray, off white and blue-white print used for the fish.  We had to use some of each plus we were allowed to add up to 3 different fabrics.  No other restrictions.  I immediately thought I would do a large blue heron.  So much for that idea.

When the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge came out = a group of something, I got this fish idea.

Since I am very behind in my charity quilts, I wanted to 'catch up'.  This quilt serves all of those purposes.  I would really like to know the age and sex of the person who picks this quilt.  It is very unlikely that this will happen.  I just hope it makes the recipient smile.

Because I am thinking it may be washed a lot, everything is faced and stitched down tight.  There are NO raw edges, loose threads of anything that might 'wash out'.

Installation view at