Friday, December 28, 2012

One Yellow Square

One Yellow Square
10" x 10"
ready for framing

One Yellow Square
view to show depth and texture

I had a dream last night about creating a quilt with one square. I thought it would be red, but I was not sure. This dream puzzled me. I wondered what the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge would be. When I finally got my computer working, I got goose bumps when it was something to do with numbers.

After reading all of the information, looking at all the sites, and finding out by my birthday, my number was 2 I was stymied. I've been making charity quilts non-stop for a few weeks now. I'm bored. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy knowing that they will be going for a good cause. However, the sewing to a set pattern is wearing very thin.

This challenge came just in time to exercise a bit of creativity. I had purchased some plain and non floral fabrics before Christmas. Now they were all washed and ready to be used. As I read the descriptions, the number 1 made the most sense to me = power, passion, determination on one view as well as "... developing your own will, individuality, decisiveness, and expressing your creativity,..." on another view. Of course I could not get the dream out of my mind. 
I wanted the square to stand out visually as well as actually.  I also wanted the strips to be varied in width.  I really had fun with this.  I think now I will work on a small series.  I have discovered that I really enjoy making this type of quilt.
PS. Does anyone know where to buy good quality metal frames at a good price?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Pillow Cases

These are even brighter in person.

This makes 16
Now what is the best use for them.  Sandy Hook children already have almost 6,000 at the quilt shop.  I know they might be used later on locally.  However, we generally give comfort quilts.
I'm still sewing quilts for the Hurrican victims.  Has anyone already sent bed size quilts to them? 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

4 Quilter's Cotton Pillow Cases

4 Quilter's Cotton Pillow Cases
For me, choosing the fabrics to put together, thinking of the age of the child who might enjoy this and then taking the extra time to sew French seams is a healing thing.
In theory, 3/4 yard fabric for the body + 1/4 yard for the cuff should mean that each pillow will need a yard + some trim fabric.  In actuality, after washing and pressing the fabric, it needs to have 'scrap cut off the end to make it even.  I have found that IF I have 2 yards of coordinating fabric, I can make two cases with scraps left over.  Sometimes the leftover can be used as trim.  However, I like my trim to be light and bright, so I've got some yardage for that purpose.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flannel Pillow Cases for Sandy Hook School Children

Flannel Pillow Cases for Sandy Hook School Children
I used fabrics that I had on hand.  I thought flannel would be something a child might enjoy snuggling with.  I used quilters cotton for the trim pieces.  When I used flannel for both the body and the cuff, it was too thick.  If you are going to make pillow cases with flannel, I recommend using a quilters cotton for both the cuff and trim. 
I turned the 'cat case' inside out so you could see how I finish the seams.  First I sew a 1/4" seem with the right sides out.  Then I turn that inside out and sew a larger seam.  I also sew a few stitches across the top of the seam so that there are NO raw edges anywhere.
Pillow Cases are still needed.
I just spoke with Becky at Quliter's Corner quilt shop in New Milford, CT.  They are still collecting pillowcases for the children at Sandy Hook School. She is trying to collect around 750. 
Pillowcases can be mailed to her at Quilters Corner, 312 Danbury Rd, New Milford, CT. 06776.

Please read this blog for more information [This is where I got my information, thanks Cathy, and learned about this project].

Directions for making 'tube' pillowcases

The directions are crystal clear, and, and as Barbara suggested, unexpected - there's a counter-intuitive roll-into-a-tube-and-stitch inside-out-maneuver that magically hides all the cuff seams. (The pillowcase doesn't come out like a tube - it's the rolling action that's tubular).

The video project requires three fabrics:

  • Main fabric - 27" (= 3/4 yard) x fabric width, selvage to selvage (around 44")
  • Cuff fabric - 9" x fabric width (= 1/4 yard - NOT a fat quarter)
  • Trim - 2" x fabric width.
The video was made long before the Newtown tragedy, but the instructor points out, "When you have people who are suffering, to have something that somebody made for you, it's really a sweet gesture."

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Daisy Quilted Comfort Quilt

Daisy Quilted Comfort Quilt
39" x 56"
These are the last of my 'seed package' blocks.  I really enjoy making them into crazy patches.  I used used jean fabric from a skirt I out grew.  OR did it really shrink a lot?

Block detail

Quilted Daisy
This quilting was really FUN!  Rather wild flowers, loops around the 'seed packets', then I quilted around the main object in the block.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Golden Swirl = Possible UFO?

Golden Swirl
This is my response to Fast Fabric Challenge #75, "Falling in a Golden Swirl".  Unfortunately, I just lost the LONG write up and really do not want to do it again.  So just the basics.  PS.  These colors are the accurate ones.  I shot this under my daylight flourscent bulbs.  The chair photos were shot with regular bulbs as lighting.  Notice the huge color difference.
Hanging Chair with Old Cushion
I got the idea for the design while cleaning. My hanging chair had the cushion I made ~ 40 years ago. Then it blended with my colors; now it was an eye sore.
New Cushion is Too Large
After consulting with my cousin Carla, who makes beautiful home decor things, I was convinced I should try to put cording around the cushion. I thought this would really improve the look. Unfortunately, I did not try the cushion in the chair before I spent several hours making and attaching the cording.  Luckily, I finally did try out the size for fit before I added the back.  Obviously it is too big.  If I had not added the cording, I may have been able to smush it into the chair.
Old Cushion on Top of New Cushion
As you can see, not only is the old cushion a lot smaller, it is not even circular.
What to do?
Cushion as a Pillow

I am not very fond of this alternative.  I have decided to add it to my growing pile of UFO's so that I can return to my quilting for hurricane victims.  After all, they need bed quilts a lot more urgently than I need a new cushion.  I'm thinking that if everyone in my Quiltart group, made just one bed quilt, we could cover half the folks who lost everyone in the Sandy storm.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Comfort Quilt

Comfort Quilt 41.5" X 58.5"

Comfort Quilt detail

Starting 9 Patch
Another Disappearing Nine Patch.  I like this pattern a lot because of the rather scrappy look it gets.  Since all of these quilts go to different people, the pattern is really not that important.  I have found that I really like to put jean fabric and corduroy in my quilts.  Jean fabric is loved by all ages; corduroy is something that everyone touches automatically.
This is my first charity quilt of my quilting year.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quilt Photo Review - Year 5

Golden Sunrise, 10" x 10"

Horned Violet, 9" x 9"

Painted T-shirt, just for FUN
Window Study I, 10" x 10"

Window Study II, 10" x 10"

Window Study III, 10" x 10"
Purple BOMbs, 40.5" x 58.5"
I believe this is the only kind of bombs that we should use.  This resulted from my guild challenge of one BOM a month.  Because I have made very few traditional blocks, I really enjoyed this challenge.  Of course when it came to creating the quilt, I did have to be very creative because I had made my blocks in sizes that I thought fit the block.
Block of the Month Pillow, 16" x 16"
Pillow made from one of the BOMs that didn't fit in the final quilt.

Wedding Memory Pillow Front, 24" square

Memory Pillow Back
This is the monogram that the couple designed.
Sewing Machine Cover for my new Juki Exceed 600
BTW, I love this machine

Sun Cape made from selvage edges
I like my sewing machine cover so much, I decided to make a sun cape using the same method.  Because I am very allergic to the sun, ie LOTS of cancer, this is something I use a lot during the warm season.
Mondrian Inspired Cape

Mondrian Inspired Purse, 3 views

Velvet Evening Purse with silk and bead embellishment

Place Mat Purses given as Christmas Gifts
Last October, I promised myself I would try to make one Charity Quilt a month for my quilting year.  Following are some of the 12 Charity Quilts I made.  I know I forgot to photograph one little baby quilt.  The last quilt for my self imposed challenge, didn't get done until October, so it will show up on next years summary.  I found that it was too too much of a challenge.  I struggled to finish; one quilt was late.  This next year I will try to make 6 quilts during the year PLUS quilt 6 other charity quilts. I want to have time to make more Art Quilts and learn how to machine felt.
Comfort Quilt, 36x46

Comfort Quilt, 43x54

Comfort Quilt, 36" x 54"

 Red Rhythms II, 32"x42"

Comfort Quilt, 36" x 48"

Fat Cat and Mousey, 32.75" x 39.5"

Comfort Quilt, 38" x 52"
Comfort Quilt, 36" x 44"

Fidget Quilt, 33" x 35.5"

A Friendly Family of Five Fabulous Fish Frequently Travel with Two Terrific Tag-a-longs, 36" x 47"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Comfort Quilt

Comfort Quilt 33" x 52"
Pastel Strip Squares with Worn Jean Sashing

One Square close up
At one of my spring guild meetings, someone brought in a HUGE pile of worn or outgrown jeans.  A few of us took a bunch.  As you can see from the various shades of blue, there are different types of jean fabric and different wear patterns.  Knowing many people like jeans, especially teens, I dug out all of my pastel strips to make squares.  I cut sashing strips from the legs, some short because of a worn out knee; some long ones on the back of the legs. 
I always ironed the jeans to the fabric side.   However, where the sashing meets, it is quite thick.  Prior to quilting, I tacked down all of the inside corners.  My machine was not always happy with this thickness, but it did do the job.  I only quilted the fabric squares and end extensions because I like the look of the plain jeans.  I also think it is more interesting.
I'm happy with the way it has turned out.  So happy, that I am confident it will be picked very quickly.  Unfortunately, between Thanksgiving and New Years, there are a lot of accidents of all kinds, so the need of a Comfort Quilt is really high.
This is the last of my self commitment for the year. Last October I made myself a promise to make one charity quilt a month. My blog year starts in October, so that was my starting month. I was able to give a quilt every month until June, when somehow, I got behind. In September I gave 2 quilts, June and July. This next meeting on Thursday, I have two more donations, August and September. 
It has been a struggle. It was really too much pressure I put on myself. This blog year, I want to give away six charity quilts + + + quilt 6 more for folks in my guild who piece the top and need someone to quilt it. I'm still a beginning quilter, however, IF I am trusted to quilt these charity quilts, I'll gain more experience. Seems like a win-win situation to me.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

BOM as a Pillow

BOM = Basket as a 16" Pillow
Quiltart has just been asking if quilt artists also make traditional quilts.  It prompted me to finally finish a BOM from last year. I started as a quilt artist.  However, I love all quilts.  When my guild asked who wanted to do Block of the Month [BOM], I quickly raised my hand.  This project allowed me to learn 12 new blocks.  It was a challenge.  Many ended up in the 'reuse' bag before I got a good one. Many needed fixing OR didn't fit in the final lap quilt. 
This basket was too big to fit the quilt.  I finally added some borders to make a 16" square pillow.
I also feel that traditional blocks can still have the 'hand of the maker'.  My finished lap quilt is not the usual setting.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fidget Quilt

Fidget Quilt
33" x 35.5"
This fidget quilt is made with the intent of keeping a child interested in it during  Meeting for Worship.  My goal was to have lots of things to explore in a quiet way.  The large pocket will hold a small stuffed animal, the back pocket a cardboard book, the velvet pocket is lined with satin.  All of the pockets are recycled clothes of mine or friends.  There are also lots of textures to touch and pictures of things a child might recognize.  No, I do not ever expect a child to know 'Buster'.  However, a child knows a dog, Easter eggs, flowers, frogs, hearts, and many of the farm animals.  Hopefully busy fingers will enjoy touching and exploring.
Back Pocket detail

Large Pocket detail

Zipper Pocket detail
This also has some satin to touch, polka dots and a rooster to enjoy.  The Velcro fastener replaces the original button. 
Cat detail
I stuffed and stitched around it before the whole thing was quilted.  Hard to see, but it is raised about one quarter of an inch above the rest of the animals.  Something to touch as well as enjoy visually.

Frog detail
Another stuffed and quilted animal.  The grosgrain ribbon, satin, and fringe all add interesting textures to keep busy hands exploring.

More Textures
Satin ribbon, corduroy, fringe, grosgrain ribbon, checkered trim and LOTS of fancy stitches are all employed to keep a child's attention.