Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Series of Three = Window Studies

Window Study 2
10" x 10"

Window Study 3
10" x 10"

After completing the first Window Study 1 for FFFC,

I decided I needed to explore this a bit more.  The colors, unfortunately, are off.  The outside edge is gold lame.  All of the fabrics are what I call 'lush' = velvet, silk, satin, etc.  These all are very tactile; much better in person.

Since I love these 'lush' fabrics, I know that I need to use them more often in my work.  Where is the big question.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Golden Sunrise

Golden Sunrise, redone

Not happy with the quilted sky, I ripped it out.  After steaming out the stitch lines, I used gold metallic thread to tie the sky in a circular pattern emanating from the sun.  Difficult to see because of the metallic and the camera's reflection, it does add a small bit of texture, while allowing the atmosphere to just be more as Turner would have done it.

Golden Sunrise
10" x 10"

The challenge is to capture the essense of  'Turner's Light.' As I look at it now, I wish my golden thread was not so heavily stitched.  However, I just spent the afternoon [and last night] ripping out one quilt; not ready to do another even if it is really small.

This is my third try at this challenge.  It is miles better than the other two.  However, I now have more ideas to attempt.  It seems one painting/quilt always leads to another.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

View from Below

My Cornelian Cherry in Bloom
View is from me laying down in my swing which is underneath.

Unfortunately, I've been hit by that coughing flu.  The side effects are disgusting!  Just trust me on this.  However, today, since here in Maine it is over 70 degrees, I decided to nap on my swing.  Yesterday there were only buds; today it is in full bloom.  Although the blooms are tiny, to me it signifies the beginning of spring.  This tree blooms before my bulbs.  The blue of the sky is soo gorgeous that if painted that color, no one would believe it. 

Since last year we had snow in April, I'm appreciating this warmth with a side thought that global warming is sure changing things around.  Although last winter was excruciatingly long; this one was wonderfully quick.  Who knows what next year will bring?  ENJOY THE DAY!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Comfort Quilt for March

March 2012 Comfort Quilt
38" x 52"

I tried a new pattern that was a bit tricky, but fun.  I enlivened some of my quiet blues with the addition of the bold blue and red poppy print.  To further brighten, I added a bright red with tiny yellow flowers.  The binding is not attached because a friend is going to finish that for me.  My hands, especially my thumbs, are suffering from the effects of arthritis.  I wanted to show the effect, so the fabric is just pinned on the edges. 

One of the things I often add to quilts is corduroy.  In this one, it worked into the pattern nicely.  If you ever see someone with one of my lap quilts, they are often rubbing the corduroy.  It is just so very soft.  I also like to use shiny fabrics and trims.  However, in my opinion, this design didn't call for anything else.

PS.  On my video blog, I have posted a video showing how to make this pattern and a couple of other.  The woman demonstrating calls these, "10 minute blocks".  For me, it took a lot longer.  A link to my video blog is under "Favorite Sites",

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Katharine Hepburn quote

"If you obey all the rules
you miss all the fun."
Katharine Hepburn