Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2 Red Squares

My guild, Kaleidoscope, gave a challenge at the Christmas potluck the second Thursday in December. 

 The Challenge

I designed my response right away.  However, creating it took a LOT longer.  I decided I would print out my design, piece the pages together, trace it onto fabric soaked with soy milk, then color it with my water color pencils.

My Original Design
I did not like this when it was finished.

Better Design
I still was not happy.

Final Design

This was frustrating because the corners where not turning as I wanted.  Also the red square on the far right was a bit wonky.  I un-stitched that one.  Then re-stitched.  Still not happy.  I appliqued the red square just left of center.  Like the idea a LOT more.  However, I am not happy with my stitching.

IF I were to re-do, I would sketch the whole design, do another soy painting, then try to figure out how to have the corners crisper.

PS.  When I first attended, it happened to be a potluck.  One of the members told me, tongue-in-check, "The guild is just an excuse to get together, eat, laugh and have fun."  It is a WONDERFUL group of women.  When I am able to attend, I always enjoy looking at the show-and-tell + + + the camaraderie.

PSS.  The colors on the Final Design are closest to the actual colors.  At first I did not like the variegated coloring I got with the pencils.  However, as I quilted, I liked it a LOT more than a flat color.  It seems to have a bit more interest.

Another Idea

Do not like the colors.  Enough for now.  Not sure why, but I am really drawn to this design.  Perhaps it is because it is such a challenge for me?  Not happy with it yet.