Saturday, December 17, 2011

Red Rhythms II

Red Rhythms II

After completing the first Red Rhythms,
I had a few strips and some pieces of red left over.  Not one to let anything go to waste, I sewed up the red pieces to make another charity quilt. I had used all of the red to back and bind the first quilt.  This time I found a wonderful yellow-red-blue paisley for the back and a nice red with yellow for the binding.  Nice and colorful for a baby.

Although the first went to Japan, this one is going to our local guild charity reserve.  One person in the guild is in charge of all of these quilts.  She is listed as the contact person for fire departments, police departments, hospitals, nursing homes and others who might have a need.  One of the things I really love about my guild is their willingness to make and give quilts to those unknown folks who develop a need.  Always gives me a bit of JOY to be able to share.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Artist Elana Schacter

Since Elana had quilts she wished to share and I had a site, I offer to show her quilts.  These are so colorful and charming, I am glad to have them on my blog.

Big and Little

This picture is a tessellation I made for my granddaughter a while back. I had made a mockup to plan the color arrangement - which you have to decide before you start sewing with a tessellation pattern - and my daughter told me to stitch it up too, so my granddaughter has a quilt for her dollies too.

This one a la Klee, is a departure from my usual piecing work. Fun.

Flatauer challah cover

This is a challah cover (used to cover the bread while blessings are made over the wine on the Sabbath) I made as a trade with a friend who is a potter.

Shalvi Chanina

My daughter is named Shalvi; grandson is named Chanina.  The quilt is a quickie - I put the top together in one evening, did some simple quilting the next morning, and delivered it that afternoon. The pattern is from Anita Grossman Solomon's Rotary Cutting Revolution.
Wish I could do that in one evening. Knowing me, I would think about it for a week before I made a move. Isn't it lovely she has made all of these 'gift quilts'?

Shiloh Ne'eman Witt

This quilt is a small "nursing cover" quilt that was a collaboration with my daughter. Her concept and layout of the squares, my sewing.  Shiloh Ne'eman is my friend's son.

Sylvie Reese
Sylvie Reese is my new niece-in-law. 

The red and yellow baby quilt I just made for my daughter's sister-in-law's new baby. The mom is a lawyer, and the block is called the barrister's block. Two blocks have mistakes (or to be more politically correct, two blocks have special challenges.) Can you spot which two? I hope not.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quick and Easy Place Mat Purse

As I was getting ready to mail one of these little purses, I thought someone might need a last minute gift idea.  Although I made these months ago, there is still time to get one or a dozen done for the holidays.  I view these as summer bags to take out for an evening or day when you do not want or need that 'purse carry all' that I seem to lug around when shopping.

Lace Edged Place Mat

I cut the place mat lengthwise down the center.  Then attached a piece of dyed fabric to the cut side. Fold it up and French seamed that edge to close it while finishing the inside at the same time.

Two Similar Bags made from One Place Mat

For the top of both bags, I glued and satin stitched the lace to the fabric, following the lace pattern.  For the aqua bag, I finished the last edge in the same manner.  For the brown bag, I sewed the lace to the fabric and then finished the last edge with a French seam.  Last, I inserted some cording and fastened it securely.