Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chemo Quilts = 4 more

T'is the season for charity quilts.  Always needed, this time of year they help a lot.

I like to make theme quilts.  The kids get to pick their own quilt, so it is fun to guess which one will go first.  I think the Cat Theme will attract a girl; Outer Space = boy; Sweet Treats = either boy or girl, young or teenager; simple shapes for a Young Child.

Cat Theme

Outerspace Theme

Sweet Treats Theme

Simple Shapes for a very Young Child

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fun Wear

Fun Wear - Pajamas

For the top I used a knit top I already owned.  So, I would say the top is 'embellished', not created. 

However, for the bottoms, I started with a pattern I altered for myself many years ago.  I eliminated the side seam, lengthened the legs, then added a band at the bottom.  This way, I could make the legs long enough to cover my ankles when sitting, yet keep them off the floor when standing.  The placement of the pink pocket was dictated by a flaw in the fabric.  The others were added 'just for FUN'.

Continuing the conversation, since I started with a pattern, is this an original design?

PS.  All of the fabrics, pattern and the top were items I had 'on hand'.  Nothing was purchased for this specific project.  I usually have lots of flannel around since I use it to back my Chemo Quilts.  Of course I always have lots of cotton fabric.  I've used this pattern before, but never in this particular way.  I made them now because I wanted more 'Warm Wear' + I wanted it to be fun to wear.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ann's Tea Room 11-29-2014

Happy Accident

When I first printed this, I noticed that the ink did not cover the parts of the fabric that were over printed by the manufacturer.  I thought about turning the fabric over to reprint 'clean'.  However, I decided this lacy look was perfect for my tea room.

Ann's Tea Room Entrance

Ann's Tea Room

The chairs and table are covered with an assortment of old linens:  Nana's hand embroidered pillow cases, odd lace curtain [also used one on the entrance], place mats sewn together, and other old pieces I never use.  Fun to get them out.  I think a young lady like Morgandy is just the person to enjoy this.  She also gave the opinion that the hand embroidered pieces looked hand made, but the lace on the chair looked like it was machine made.  She is just learning to hand sew with her mother.  She appreciates hand made things more than machine made.

Tea Table Setting for 11-29-2014

The Menu

Morgandy Reading the Menu

She will be 6 on January 23, 2015.  As a kindergarten student, she could read most of the menu.  She was quite serious about the menu.  Her father does her hair. I love these young guys who are active parents.  It is so much fun to watch. I started taking care of her when she was a few days old.  I am used to seeing her every day.  This interruption for school is sometimes hard to take.  Like most children now-a-days, her life is also filled with classes and other extracurricular activities.  Love vacations because she is around a lot more.

Morgandy's Sandwich Choices

Morgandy's Dessert Choices

This of course, was her favorite part.  She also likes the Camomile Tea better than the Afternoon Tea. She often comes over for a simple tea in a mug and a little snack.  All occurring at my kitchen counter.  This was a fun treat for both of us.  She was stuffed, but wanted to finish the plate.    I fixed the rest in a take-away for her.  She was happy with that.

Hope you all have someone special you can pamper once in a while.  This was soo much fun!  Took me back to Tea Parties my daughter and I used to have with a stuffed animal [s] and/or a doll [s].