Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Sewing using New Machine

Quilt Blocks pinned to design board

This is the first sewing I have done with my new machine.  I LOVE it!  I imagine it will be even better when I figure out how to do more than wind a bobbin, thread the machine and straight stitch in a center line.  If you want to see it preform, go to this link.

If you want to buy at the best price I could find, go here.

It may take me a few months to get to know most of the features.  The owner's manual is 102 pages.  Unfortunately, unless the weather is horrible, I need to work outside tomorrow.  However, I could not wait to show you the start of my first project on my beautiful new machine.

I used some funny dogs and a cat from a scrap of fabric left on our guild 'free table' last Thursday.  We always have a table for donations.  People often have left overs that they do not want to look at anymore.  When I saw these cute animals, I thought they would make a GREAT child's quilt.  I find I really enjoy making children's quilt.  I do not have many bright fabrics, so I tried to intersperse them with some dull strips.  I think it will be nice and bright when finished.  Hopefully, next week I will have some time to work on it.  At the moment, all I want to do is sew on my new machine.  It has 8" of harp space.  That is so wonderful.  I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  I bought this sight unseen in real life.  I saw the video from someone on quiltart recommending this machine.  I am very happy with my decission.  Hope I feel the same in one year.

Following are larger photos of the center pieces of my blocks.  I can not look at them without smiling.  I think they will appeal to some child who wants a lively, colorful comfort quilt.

Spotted Dog

Orange Dog

Gray Dog

Cheshire Cat

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Apricot Tree in Bloom

Blooms Close Up

More Blooms Close Up

My Apricot Tree in Glorious Bloom

Upper windows are by my desk-computer-book area; lower window is to my kitchen.  As I spend a lot of time in both places, I really get to enjoy these lovely blooms close up.

It has been drizzling on and off for the past few days.  However, just now the sun came out.  Therefore, I took advantage of the opportunity to take some photos of these lovely blossoms. 

I wish you could all see them in person.  Since you can not, I hope you enjoy these photos.