Thursday, April 17, 2014

Houston Star Challenge

Star = 9.25"

I made this star using challenge fabrics for everything but the star.  Our guild president made bags of fabric for us to use as we wish, to make anything we wanted of any size.  What a FUN challenge.  I decided to make a STAR for the Houston display.  The only requirement for Houston was that it had to be a star within a 9.5" square with no dimensional embellishments.  Some how this star shrunk through the piecing to become too small.

STAR = 9"

I printed out another set of paper piecing patterns.    I used all different fabrics as a challenge for myself.  This time I was very generous with my edges.  Therefore, I was unhappily surprised to find it squared out at 9".   It had mistakenly printed the pattern for an 8" square.

I will make another star.  However, it is going to be appliqued to a 10.5"square and then cut down to meet the 9.5" requirement for the Festival display.

Are you making a star?  Hope so.  Seems like FUN to me.

Here is the link for the NASA star challenge

I have tried several times to make this link live.  Obviously, I have had NO luck.  Please try copy-paste to get to the site.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


View Out My Side Door

I woke up to a little more than an inch of the white stuff this morning.  The forcast is for a LOT more tonight.  UGHH!  It's April.  I want to see green stuff sprouting from my garden.